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  • Corporal James Mott

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Captain  Cantu is proud to recognize Sergeant James Mott as the Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter.   
    Tell us a little about you. I'm Sergeant James Mott real name's Donald but as a funny story when I came into the unit we already had a D.Mott so they had to change my name on the P-Files so I could have my own uniform. But I'm 17 years old I'm currently getting ready for College next year hopefully Collegiate baseball as well. I came in as a Recruit and would later become the youngest Squad Leader in the Unit. But about 5 months later my squad collapsed and I had to retire due to school. I came back in late March early April and Just been doing my thing. 
    Favorite aspect of the unit? I've met a lot of people in this Unit. Some I call close friends but when you come into this Unit the first thing you're gonna hear is a Welcome to 3rdID. The camaraderie is something you'll never see anywhere else in the Mil-Sim community.   
    Tell us about your dmos work. I'm currently a SDC in RRO and a DI in FIG for Insurgency I'm the sole SDC for Insurgency in fact. But I process the applications and do the orientations for our Unit. I've done a lot of the Orientations these past couple of months in fact.But I also assist SSG Lipnitz in Insurgency BCTs. 
    Any funny/memorable moments? Well we had a new PVT come into the Unit and we were playing AAPG with LT Cantu and Captain and the PVT ask the channel whats the different between LT D.Cantu and Captain A.Cantu and he goes are they brothers and everyone just busts out laughing and we had to explain they're married. 
    Any advice for your fellow soldiers? I tell all the young guys that come in that RCTs can and have been the best soldiers in the Unit. But to all those guys at SPC and PFC that aren't in FTL and even FTL positions you have to have a next man up mentality if your FTL discharges or goes on LOA or they TPR and you're the back-up step up don't be afraid to to speak up. Same for FTLs you are the guys who quite possibly could be the next Squad Leader so pay attention Learn from those before and behind you ask questions. Lead by Example. Be a High speed, Low drag soldier 
    What motivates you? Always hated being the second choice. The back-up so to say and being not exactly what everybody expects or wants. I just want to be the first choice in everything whether its in Baseball or the 3rdID I want to be the go to guy.So that's what motivates me. 
    What army value is most important to you and why? Loyalty. I've learned that loyalty is the one thing that no one can take away from you. In a relationship, to a group, to your battle buddy. If your Loyal it makes people trust you but if your unloyal then you're no good to a team or a friend or whatever. 
    Any valuable lessons you have learned? Stay off Top's grass. You've got to earn your keep no one is going to hand you everything, If you dedicate yourself to something then you will earn what you seeked to achieve. Be a Person Your Momma would be proud of. 

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