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  • Corporal James Nicholas

    Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Corporal James Nicholas  joined the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit in September 2022 where he was assigned to First Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company "War Eagles". While in First Squad, he served as a Fireteam Member and then transferred into Third Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company "War Eagles" as Squad Medic just after the new year 2023. In April 2023, He was promoted into Assistant Platoon Medic and then taking the on our senior most Medic position as Platoon Doc in early June 2023. 

    Earning himself 1 ARCOMs, 3 AAMs, 1 JSAMs, and 1 JSCOMs along with his Airborne, Air Assault wings and Pathfinders Wings. Corporal J.Nicholas also holds multiple DMOS's, as a DI in the Force Improvement Group, and both Multimedia and Uniform Updater in Combat Imaging and Documentation.

    Corporal J.Nicholas' faith, fidelity, and dedication to the 3rd Infantry Division are in keeping with the traditions of this unit, earning him Soldier of the Quarter, and the Soldiers Medal

    Tell us a little about yourself. 

    My name is Nick, yet on here i go as Nicholas. Been part of units before were i went with Nick before, but got called Nicky and Nicholas as well so i taught myself to respond to that. I am currently a Finance student in the Netherlands, aiming to become a Financial Controller (So Major, if you need someone to check unit funds, to ensure growth in retirement funds, i am your guy 😄 ). Currently have a very loving trans girlfriend of a year and a quarter at the time of writing this. I speak Dutch as main language, English as second nature, and am planning on learning German but also Polish.

     Why did you join 3rdID and what keeps you here?

    I came across this unit somehow when i was part of a Marine Corps unit, and noticed the uniforms on the PERSCOM. I was instantly smitten by them, and wanted to know if there was a Marine Corps version of it. Spoke with Major LaFlash for a while, stuck around in the discord, joined a WW2 FunOp campaign that was ran by 1SG Brock as a MSgt still in the USMC unit. Left the unit a while later, was able to join here, was allowed to go the medical route and joined the DMOS that originally caught my eye, which was CID. And here we are, 9 months later, the platoon medic and still making uniforms but now also teaching it and learning more.

    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? 

    There are way too many funny moments i have seen appear in the unit. From SSG Ayers trying to yell at someone to move back to not run into mines, yet accidentally yelling it over radio. But also to having fun during OPs and hearing SFC Winters at the time during mission Mountain Pressure from Operation Crimson Sand overtaking myself and SGT McKenzie is a Stryker, to then suddenly hearing "I have speed mf#uckers" followed by a "WHEEEEE!". 


    But best moment is more recent, where SSG Babol as the new Platoon Sergeant was having radio problems on the net. OCS Winters knew i could still respond, so i worked as the quick RTO for the SSG. What made that moment the best, and allowed me a internal Plt HQ nickname with SSG Babol, is that Winters referred to Babol as Jesus, and that i was his Pope who could hear and respond. I have never laughed that hard at a simple thing coming in over net, and i don't think the SSG did either. Yet here some time later, i still work as SSG Babol his Pope Actual and respond to calls.

    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers to help them in their careers here?

    Be an open book about what you want to do, within the capabilities of the unit. I wanted to become a medic, so i made it clear during my recruitment. I made it known, i worked for it, and became a Squad Medic. Becoming Assistant Platoon Medic and eventually Platoon Medic was not something i expected to become, so also keep an open mind and see where the journey takes you. Why? Because following the journey as an open book allows for so much more, and i know i still have places i can grow to and reach, all because of the journey, keeping an open mind and reaching out and staying in contact with peers and superiors.

    What army value is the most important to you and why? 

    Honestly, it is a combination of values but also things i was taught during WLC. 
    From the Army core values: Integrity and Personal Courage. But from WLC: Be humble, listen to subordinates and others, and pass credit up and down the chain.


    I am able to stand up for what i think is right, but also able to face superiors in Chain of Command, whether it is in a DMOS or in CMOS. If i can't stand up for what i think, then how am i able to pass that up to others? It is also why i am humble, as i know that it can be a tough world sometimes, having to take no for an answer or needing to take a step back. It helps create character, it helps create who you are. And especially listening to others is important. You are there to help them, they help you. So giving credit to those when credit is due, that is being humble, but also what is morally right.


    What motivates you in the unit?  
    Comradery and the spirit of others to push on! It is the friendships and bonds you create with soldiers and officers alike. And i was able to do that before even being recruited. Regardless of rank, i was able to reach out to people about things or to just share thoughts or some venting about things. This allowed for motivation as others help, but also the spirit from others to push on. Releasing frustration to some people allowed me to calm down, get some insights in why things were done a certain why, but also to just keep going on and eventually see if i could be part of that forward motion to change things.

    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?

    Expect set backs. Life isn't fair nor is it easy sometimes, yet it can be rewarding. I have experienced my fair share of set backs, and i know i will get more, but i also know i am able to make an impact and change. I also learned that sometimes making change is possible, and sometimes it is not. With being part of CID, i know that some ideas i have might not see the sun light, but that doesn't mean i didn't learn skills or was willing to do something completely new

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