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  • Staff Sergeant Joseph Rizzo

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    First Lieutenant Strickland is proud to recognize Staff Sergeant Joseph Rizzo as the Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter.

    Tell us a little about yourself. I am BMW/MIni Technician programming the car's modules, but not that's not what I only do. I have an I.T. background and have had it for over 15 years. I, fortunately, enjoy working on computers more than I do automobiles (hahaha). I always enjoy hearing a good laugh from other people.

    What motivates you? Negativity. Reason being is because when someone likes to talk or speak negatively I would like to prove them wrong. The one thing I cannot stand is negativity.

    What do you think will continue to keep the unit growing? Keep moving forward and motivating soldiers. Always try to bring new ideas to the table. All of our soldiers have wonderful ideas that could potentially help this unit grow. Whether it's in my squad or in my DMOS, I single out everyone to see what idea they have. Because again you just don't know. This has been around for 14 years and I firmly believe with a positive attitude that this will grow. Before this tour with the unit I was in back in 2010-2011, I have to say we’ve made some big progress.

    Where would you like to see the unit go in the next few years? I would like to see this go to where it's desired to go. The Third Infantry Division is probably the only Milsim in the gaming community that can execute the military aspect and the reason being is that we have outstanding leadership and those that have served our country and can help to fine tune our unit to mirror the military.

    What are you the most proud of that you have done for the unit? The most proud moment that I personally have done is just being there for any soldiers. Whether it be staying up until 2am my time and helping them build a computer and guiding them in that or it's in a personal life issue. Soldiers in bravo company at least know that my door is always open and they can come to me with any issues that they have. I can listen and understand.

    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? Honestly my favorite moments within the unit and just being around good people and sharing a good laugh, because honestly we all need a good laugh. I know we need more of that in life and we just don't get enough of it. I think we actually have more fun in the cyber world than we do in our actual life.

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