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  • Sergeant Maarten Gregoire

    Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Lieutenant Colonel LaFlash is proud to recognize  Sergeant Maarten Gregoire as the Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter.  

    Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Maarten Gregoire, but people call me Greg (or like the Major likes to pronounce it, Gregorie) I am 19 years old, and on 14 July I’ll be 20. I currently work as a volunteer in a second hand shop. I used to play Soccer and I was quite good at it , I’m not a big guy, so I was quite fast and good with the ball, but my coach was always putting me as right back which I did not like that much, even though I was a good defender. I am currently replacing CPL T.Churchill as Squad Leader in Phoenix Squad. I am part of Base Maintenance Operations and Force Improvement Group. I started playing games when i was 12 years old, and my first game was Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 on the Play Station 3. I met some really cool people trough that platform and I ended up switching from platform to PC with another friend. Together with a that friend we started to play Arma 3 Wasteland and I ended up meeting SFC J.Drake, who also introduced me to this unit and since that day i am stuck with you guys. This is basically the story of my (gaming)life  

    What is your favorite aspect of the unit? I am starting to like Brawlers a lot lately, I am not a bad pilot myself and I will definitely become a pilot in the future before I leave this unit. 
    Any favorite memory that has stuck with you? I've got a few: 1. I was a platoon doc in Widowmakers and we got rear ended by friendlies, while moving back to base so we ended up making a last stand. 75% of the soldiers were down and there was only me, SPC J.Frost(now WOC J.Frost) and SSG D.Hardy(Now 2LT D.Hardy) left. SSG D.Hardy went down so SPC J.Frost covered me while I injected 2000 mililiters of Saline(I might have stolen that from another medic) in our Platoon Sergeants, but I went unconscious while bandaging him, he managed to wake up and friendly forces have arrived, then we all made it back to base and SSG D.Hardy was awarded with a Purple heart. 2. During Operation Red Leopard, some random soldier in basic equipment jumped in the back of our Command Vehicle, and I responded something like “Who are you and why are you here?”. After I checked trough Ace Interaction inside the vehicle, I found out it was Lieutenant Colonel LaFlash himself and I instantly started apologizing. 
    Tell us a little about your DMOS work. I’m active in FIG and BMO. For FIG I am a Drill Sergeant (I used to be a Sergeant but I got a non-punitive demotion to the rank of Corporal, so that's why I could keep the post of Drill Sergeant). A lot of the times I’m just making sure that the Drill Instructors can lead the events and just assist where necessary so they can do the same in the future when they will become Drill Sergeant. For BMO I’m a Roster Maintenance Specialist, I used to be the Lead guy in there but since I've received the Squad Leader position I could not fulfill my tasks anymore so I stepped down to a regular RMS.(RMS updates profiles, squad XMLs, people with the senior personal rights, even keep some teamspeak rooms up to date) 
    What Army value is the most important to you and why? Respect & Loyalty Respect: I don't like people who pull rank all the time, that's why I almost never do it and when I see someone lower than me pull rank for a stupid reason I will pull rank on him and talk to him about it. I also like people who treat me with respect, I will give them sometimes even more respect back. Loyalty: I’m part of this unit for a little over a year now and I barely missed an event. 
    In your opinion, what do you do that makes the most positive impact on the unit? Giving some extra information to new recruits and make sure they can always send me a message about everything, basicaly making them feel welcomed into the unit. I've also been working in my own Squad to change the attendance and trying to be a role-model for some soldiers. It's not always easy, but at the end it worths! 
    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? Let nobody stop you from reaching your Goals, try to be nice to everyone and stay away from the drama! 

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