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  • Staff Sergeant Matthew Miller

    Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Major LaFlash is proud to recognize Staff Sergeant Matthew Miller as the Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter.   
    What is your favorite aspect of the unit? My favorite aspect of the unit is that it is simply not just a Milsim group, the unit pushes you to grow as a person. The unit places a huge emphasize in upholding character and Integrity. I have not seen this before in a gaming community.    
    Tell us about your DMOS work. My DMOS work is making sure that everything is up to date on teamspeak and the website. The members in BMO are truly passionate about their work. They know that a lot of the work they do will be hidden in the background, but they still do it earnestly. The EMCs in BMO are working hard 24/7 to make our sure our missions are fully functional for squad drills and FTX/Operation. BMO is like the foundation to a building, while it may not be seen or noticed, without it the building will crumble. 
    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit that stood out to you? A lot of the memorable moments have been just playing with members on the Realism server. I have made many new friends on the realism server. A lot of the friends I made are still in the unit today. 
    Any advice to your fellow soldiers? Never Give Up. Seasons can change quickly. There are a lot of good times in the unit, but there will also be challenging times as well. When the challenging times come, it will truly test your resolve. During those times, do not give up! Keep moving forward, there is always hope. 
    What motivates you? Jesus is what keeps me going. He is my rock that keeps me steady and prevents me from giving up. At times when I am ready to give up, I go to Him and pray. 
    What army value is the most important to you and why? The army value that is most important to me is Integrity. Without Integrity, who would follow you if you do not follow your own principles? 

    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit? One very valuable lesson that is helping me improve as a person is to be more outspoken. I have always been a quiet and shy person. Being given the opportunity to lead a squad has tested me many times. To lead the squad effectively, I have to get out of my comfort zone and speak up to my fellow squad members. In time, I believe I will keep improving in this area of my life and being in the unit has helped me with it. 

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