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  • Sergeant Wolffe Fives

    Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Captain Cantu is proud to recognize Sergeant Wolffe Fives as the Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter. Tell us a little about yourself. Hello, my real name is Laurentiu Cosmin Dumbravicean, but everyone knows me as Fives. I’m 19 years old Romanian and this November I’m going to begin the Basic Training in Romanian Army, not really sure as what yet (this October I will be announced where I was assigned), probably in Transmissions and IT or just Ground Artillery (the options I chose). Military was always part of my life even I wasn’t part of it, my father currently serving too in the Romanian Army. Since I was 12 years old, I had an interest for the military life, tactics and procedures, ranks, organization, weapons and gear etc. . I remember I was watching these documentaries or movies about military operations, armies and tactics, and also playing military video-games such as Battlefield 2, Battlefield 4 free, Arma GOLD edition, Operation Flashpoint Red River and Dragon Rising and finally ArmA3, which I bought it with the money I earned trough hard work. Last year I was a student at History College but I dropped; I’m simple not the kind of person to stay all day in a library, studying. I prefer field-work. Then I applied for the Army as soon as it was possible. I think I owe an explanation why I my nickname is Fives. Well I’m a big Star Wars fan, one of my favorite characters being CT-27/5555 „Fives”, a loyal and patriot clone trooper. Because of my admiration on this character, my friends just started calling me „Fives”. So this is who I am now. Also I knew I would give headaches to the people here if I was signing up with my real name. What is your favorite aspect of the unit? The Optional Courses. I like the fact that Airborne School, Air Assault School, Ranger School, EIB, WLC etc. are organized by people who actually went in real life trough these courses. Soldiers have the opportunity this way to learn new military tactics and procedures and have in the same time. Any favorite memory that has stuck with you? I remember this time when „Scorpions” were sent in a mission to find the HVT who was trying to escape. We all embarked a Humvee, driven by Staff Sergeant Shade. As we were following the road, we encountered a Russian military convoy coming from the way we were heading to. In that moment our lovely Squad Leader stepped on the pedal, accelerating the Humvee passing on the right lane of the road. I remember I was looking with my M2 at the Russians and the Russians back at me, nobody knowing what to do. It was a tense moment full of emotions. Actually every time Staff Sergeant Shade, is a moment full of emotions: fear, hope, terror, ecstasy, adrenaline (only Scorpions know why). What Army value is the most important to you and why? Honor. Honor is what makes us men and women. In my opinion, better to lose a battle with honor than win it in the way it’ll make us lose our honor. Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? If you want to do or to achieve something, don’t let anybody and anything stop you from. Life is hard, you don’t get things you want easily, so work hard to get what you want. Also, follow your principles. Have a code of honor you can follow in the daily life

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