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#77026 Happy Holidays

Posted by LTC J.LaFlash on December 15, 2016 - 03:31 PM




As we prepare to celebrate the winter holidays, we want to wish every soldier a joyous, blessed, and safe season. The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit is wrapping up a challenging year and looking forward to the challenges of next year. The holidays are a time of celebration, Family, and renewal. Take this opportunity to nurture your own resiliency. We encourage you to make time for your Family, to celebrate the season, and to look forward to a prosperous New Year. 


Our holiday exodus begins December 23rd and concludes January 1st.  During this time frame all soldiers are encouraged to take the time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.  All officially daily operations will be put on stand down during this time frame. All squad drills, all training, all field training exercises will also be optionial to attend,  You will not be required to muster in or post a temporary pass request (TPR) during this time frame. We will resume full operations on January 2nd!    


As the holiday exodus is statistically a very active time for online gaming we will be keeping our Recruiting and Retention office open.  Staffed only by volunteers, RRO  will continue to recruit, process, orientate and place new soldiers during this time frame.  If you wish to be a volunteer during this time please contact First Lieutenant D.Stickland and Sergeant First Class D.Hardy. 

A number of you will be traveling and just a moment of inattention can turn a festive journey into a tragedy. Winter driving has its own set of hazards. So be prepared for potential hazards and allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination. 

It is the season for parties. Take the time to have fun, but moderation is the key. New Year's Eve is notorious for drunk driving. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by staying alert. If you drink, leave the keys with a designated driver, or call a taxi. If you are hosting, provide alternative, non-alcoholic drinks. Also remember: buzz driving is drunk driving. Don't text and drive and of course "If you drive don't drink and if you drink don't drive and if you drink don't drink alone!" 

It has been a wonderful year! The Command Staff and I are proud to be part of this great team. We cannot express our gratitude for all that you do for our Unit and fellow soldiers thus we serve among.   Be safe this holiday season. We want you to return refreshed, resilient, and whole.

Happy holidays to all of you and yours!  Army Strong, Rock of the Marne!

- MAJ J.LaFlash

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#72925 Welcome Home LT Simmons

Posted by 1SG E.Gilmore on September 13, 2016 - 08:36 AM



After serving 9 months in Afghanistan, we have received word that First Lieutenant Simmons has landed safety stateside.  Please join me in welcoming him home!

Mission Accomplished!

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#79978 Retirement

Posted by RET E.McGuffey on February 05, 2017 - 08:35 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     It has been a pleasure being a part of this unit for nearly 2 years. I have enjoyed watching many of you grow in maturity, knowledge, and skill over time. There is little doubt that this unit will continue to thrive under the tutelage of the exceptional leadership and dedicated players within the 3rdID. I am very grateful for RET CSM Breen for recruiting me into this unit and for MAJ Laflash and CPT Cantu providing me the opportunity to become a leader in this organization. During my time here I have developed some close friendships that I will continue to foster. Even in retirement, I know that I have a home here in the 3rdID and I look forward to continue to see you all in game.

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#74285 The Great Server Change of 2016

Posted by L.Church on October 13, 2016 - 03:55 PM


After much consideration and discussion by the Corps of Engineers we have decided now is the time to finally enact a plan several months in the making that will hopefully fix the majority of our server issues that we've experienced over the coming months. 


As I'm typing this out I'm currently in the process of syncing and transferring our mod pack to 6 new servers as well as installing AA:PG on two windows virtual machines. Some of you may have been on this server a time or two, as it's now known as the beta server. Performance should increase all around the board and I have a new server that I plan to debut this week for you all to play on as well I think you're really going to like.


However this is quite a large amount of work to do as not only are we just moving the server but I am also setting up a very easy to use web panel that will give people different levels of access to the servers. For example, now squad leaders and above will now be able to upload missions to the server, start and restart. I will be in touch with each of them individually to create a login for them.


No I hear you all in the back going "why?" Why do all of this effort when what we have works? Well the simple answer is a multipart answer.


1. Cheaper, the server box that we are on now is a bit cheaper per month than what we've been using.


2. Better Host, We are now on a hosting company called OVH which is a leading server host in the industry with heralded Denial Of Service protection and a guaranteed Gigabit upload.  


3. More DIrect Control, The Corps of Engineers can do anything we want to with this box whereas Gameservers would restrict certain actions such as operating system installations.


4. Security, As it stands right now every server we have is on the same IP address making us a prime target for denial of service attacks by any troll who felt like trying. This new box has every server on it's own IP address. So for example,


Someone gets banned from our public Arma server and gets mad and has his super hacker buddy attack us with a large Denial of Service Attack. Everything is down, Everything. Teamspeak, Website, operations servers, everything. 

Now, if that scenario happens, all they'll take down (if they can even do that) is the public server goes down. Everything else will continue as if nothing has ever happened. 


In addition, we also plans for not only the forums but the second version of Perscom and we need YOUR help with it! As said in the newsletter we are looking for soldiers to join the Corps of Engineers! Interested Applicants should have knowledge in the following: 


Object Oriented Programing - PHP HTML  


CSS Javascript


Windows IIS / Apache / Nginx

SQL Database Management


While I transfer, some servers may go down intermittently. I thank you all for your patience and look forward to the future on this new box! If there are any questions please feel free to let me know.



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#67283 Pre-OP preparation and facilitation

Posted by M. Lafontaine on June 06, 2016 - 08:52 PM

It seems that during pre-op coordination there are some issues, at least from my point of view:






It should only take 30-45 minutes, no matter the server load or external issues, for a fireteam/squad to be ready to deploy. But in order to do so the entire company needs to be coordinated and know where to go, and for what purpose at all times. You can't have FireTeam leaders running around looking for their team members, or vice-versa. It should be easy has "go to this location with this gear on this comm". During the last FTX we have observed the difficulty that can present itself when soldiers are left with no instruction, communication channel and purpose. Has such I would like to suggest the following:


While we are currently treating our Teamspeak server has a BaseCamp, I would go further and build an operation basecamp consisting of separated baracks for each participating Squad to prepare themselves in. It would also include a COMMAND barracks for NCO's to regroup and for Squad leaders to go to in need of information. Following is a template that can be set-up under 10 mins before troops begin entering the server. It can be expanded according to need with no significant extension in set-up time.


Here you can see a topdown view of the camp, with the COMMAND barrack at the middle-top, and 6 Squad Tents. Each tent has sufficient lighting for night-time operations and they all have a reinforced arsenal. Reducing the travel time when changing gear and allowing Squad Leaders to apply quick and easy Gear modification to their squad according to their liking.




In this second example, you can have a closer look at the Squad tent, it can easily hold 2-3 FireTeam and provide them all the nessecities they need to prepare themselves. The armory has been reinforced to prevent accidental grenades and discharge from hurting the surrounding personel. It can also be noted that each Tent is distanced from the others, this allows Squad's to communicated while less impeading the surrounding squads. In the event of a badfrag or accidental discharge only the Squad is affected and not the entire company. It is also easier to target repetitive badfrags.




The COMMAND tent is reinforced all around to protect the staff on the inside, it is easily distinguishable by the two flags (USA, US-Army) standing at the front door. A table has been set, allowing command to circle around it. Plenty of lighting has been added to ensure proper visibility in night-time.




Lastly, quick identification of the assigned Squad is essential to ensure troops can locate and move themselves quickly and efficiently. Markers are added to the map to help them set their bearings and adjust their comms channel quickly. Overtime the use of repetitive tent location will allow troops to automatically identify their suposed location and assest their needs.




Once again, this entire set-up would take less than 10 minutes to set-up. It can offer several benefits regarding pre-op coordination and preparation. It isin't perfect and I would expect people to improove upon it. In the event that the response to this suggestion is positive I would gladly volunteer to either assist or execute theses instalation at pre-ops. 


Thank you for spending some of your time reading through this suggestion.


PVT M.Lafontaine

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#71667 Medical Company in 3rd ID (part of Battle Support Battalion)

Posted by 2LT B.Boville on August 25, 2016 - 07:40 PM

Ok, so those who haven't played with me, might not realize I am a real doctor in life, so I kind of like medical & military stuff.  Hence, thought I would share the following I read up on the 3rdID's Brigade Support Battalions and Medical Support Companies (C Company).


Two Battalions, the 3rd BSB and the 703BSB exist that I have found.  Both have MSC's as Charlie company.  Anyway, have we ever done evac drills, triage drills (not talking about using the Personal Kit!!!) or such?  I am FEMA trained, so it would be kinda fun.  Anyways, I like the 3rd BSB's logo and thought I would share.  Kinda cool...lots of possibility...

Do we have medical tents and ambulances enabled in game?    Anyways, found cool... See ya around...especially if you need a medic in game ;)



Attached File  3BSBcrest.png   95.39KB   1 downloads


PV2 B.Boville out.

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#66784 Memorial Day - Third Infantry Division Remembers

Posted by CPT A.Cantu on May 30, 2016 - 05:31 PM



Today we remember all those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Please take some time today to share a moment of silence with us as we honor our heroes. 

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#57719 Things I'm No Longer Allowed To Do In The Army

Posted by N.Miller on February 01, 2016 - 02:27 PM

Just a fun list of things that either I did (and typically got in trouble for) or saw others do during my time in the Army. Also note this was all in good fun, and none of it should be taken seriously (like doing the whole village).

-Not allowed to great officers with a salute and say "Sniper Check"

-May not attempt to attach a bayonet to an M203, M249, M240, or any other weapon other than the M4.

-May not attach a tomahawk to an M4 and call it a bayonet

-On second thought, I'm not allowed to do anything with any weapons or any form of bayonet

-May not charge OPFOR yelling "Follow my tracers!" while hip firing a SAW

-"Sieze fire" does not mean the enemy has to stop firing as well

-Not allowed to possess any form of 203 ordnance during training missions

-25mm M1A1 Bradley rounds may fit in an M203, but I'm not allowed to prove that it'll fire as well

-Hawaii is not within the 250 mile radius

-Nor is Kokomo

-Or Mexico

-"Covert operations" means I'm not supposed to put a chem light on my helmet and tell everyone to refer to me from now on as "Yankee Doodle Dandy"

-Not allowed to put anything on my helmet and make any sarcastic remarks

-Smartass remarks, no longer allowed (but continue)

-When someone higher ranking than me tells me to do something, the proper response is not "Gone Fishing" or "Leave a message after the beep" (as the beep is usually followed by a punch to the stomach)

-PTSD is not a joke, and I'm no longer allowed to joke with the Marines about it

-When out of ammo, using my hands in a gun shape does not work

-I'm not a jedi, and chem lights are not light sabers, should I shouldn't go up to my team leader and stab him in the back in an attempt to invoke a fight between myself and the dark side

-My squad leader is not Darth Mal

-We are not storm troopers

-Star Wars jokes are no longer funny

-Can not smoke in my tent

-Also can't smoke in the Corporal's tent who told me I can't smoke in mine

-Not allowed to stay in my tent to keep cool, claiming that "Global warming is ending the world"

-Not allowed to play rock paper scissors with OPFOR

-Not allowed to hit on OPFOR

-Not allowed to confiscate OPFOR's cellphones to get the chick's number, and claim she was using it to activate a bomb

-A proper description of a Humvee is not, "Vroom vroom"

-Our Battalion Commander is not General Shepard, and I'm not allowed to shoot blanks at him claiming I'm stopping WW3

-Bullets are not an alternative food source

-Not allowed to harass the new asian kid, and definately not allowed to claim that his dick can fit in an M240 chamber

-I'm not Sam Fisher, and cannot stop a training mission so I can mark and execute my targets

-I'm not allowed to make a list of all the stupid shit I've done

-I'm not allowed to run a dog fighting ring

-Not allowed to have a pet rock

-Not allowed to threaten others for animal cruelty when they throw my rock into the woods

-When the other platoon is attempting to wind up their wheel of 550 cord, I'm not supposed to take the other end and tie it to anyone's foot

-Do not ever say I'm tired of doing a particular exercise when getting smoked

-The Russians are not invading

-Nor are the Canadians

-I am not a "Wolverine"

-Barney Theme song, while it is in step, can not be used as a cadence

-Mocking officers with cadence is not allowed

-Mocking artilleryman. Great idea.

-Mocking Rangers. Bad idea.

-Not allowed to bring up the subject on 2012, and how the movie is a documentary

-I have not been probed by an alien species

-I'm able to stand, therefore I am not injured

-Should not test the adage, "If you smoke, they will come" on anyone

-When someone is shot in the face, a tourniquet around the neck is NOT the proper solution

-Nor is a tourniquet around the dick.

-May not attach a M320 to a M249 SAW

-Bayonets are not mandatory at all times

-"Hearts and minds" is not a reference to your shot grouping

-Overkill is indeed, underated

-May not mock insurgents

-Especially not after nearly being blown up

-Especially not by using sexual innuendos calling it bullshit foreplay

-SF do not "simply get drunk and do donuts in their little pussy ATV's all day"

-Cannot attempt to steal the MWR's TV because my room wasn't feeling "funshway"

-I cannot shoot the locals

-I cannot shoot the locals' donkeys

-I cannot shoot the mountains

-I cannot shoot anything

-Hand grenades are not candy, and shouldn't be handed out to local children

-Pants are indeed, mandatory at all times

-Speeding in a gator ATV is actually possible

-Although they are still not fast enough to get away from the MPs

-The answer to any question asked at the NCO board is not, "blue", "purple" or any other color

-Cannot play the national anthem on loudspeakers during prayer time

-"I'm not in Kansas anymore" is overused, and I should stop saying it

-Making seductive poses with beanie babies, not allowed

-Buddy Christ is culturally insesistive, and is no longer allowed to be put on the hood of the truck

-Nor can he take the TC seat

-We do not need to do a dry and blank run before being ambushed, therefore I am no longer allowed to have a BFA

-I cannot hand off my weapon to the ANA because I'm bored of carrying it

-May not dig a foxhole to make a shade hut

-May no longer play Miley Cyrus over the radio

-Or Gangnam Style

-Or Call Me Maybe

-No longer allowed to be within 50 feet of a radio

-I'm not the acting 1SG because he's not in sight

-9mm fits in 5.56mm links, but I should not swap the whole belt for 9mm

-Especially not on someone else's weapon

-Saying "when we get back I'm going to fuck everything in sight" is fine and all, until you apply it to the people you see getting off the plane

-Especially not when 99% of them will be wives

-Black guys are not the first ones to get killed in movies, or war

-SPC is not a higher rank than SFC, we use a pay-grade system, not a "P is further in the alphabet, therefore SPC is higher ranking" system

-Chinooks are not "aerial targets"

-Wearing multiple different camo'd tops on top of each other does not make the camoflauge work better

-Covering my weapon with leaves and branches to camoflauge it. Good idea.

-Doing the same to the platoon sergeant's weapon when he's not looking. Bad idea.

-Ushanka's are not optional headgear for the US Army

-Joking about how the Taliban could have tanks isn't funny

-And it's less funny when it turns out they do, and they're found 1k away from the COP

-You CANNOT catch a Raven

-My opinion means nothing, no matter how stupid/lacking of common sense the order from higher ranking people is

-Cannot tear off someone's CAB, to see how it'd look with the bayonet mounted on the rifle of my CIB

-Especially not when they're a MSG

-We cannot "do the whole village" and I should refrain from saying that near the interpreters

-Should not EVER, for ANY reason, again, dress up as a terrorist and carry around an AK on a FOB full of POGS for holloween

-Cannot swap out the AG for a donkey

-Cannot swap any other private out for a donkey either

-Not even if I have very well done charts, graphs, and statistics regarding the cost and abilities of both

-Flashbangs are fucking awesome

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#102625 Letter from SPC McKenzie

Posted by LTC J.LaFlash on January 25, 2018 - 08:27 PM






For those who don't know SPC Dylan McKenzie is a soldier in our unit that has served with us for a few tours since early 2016.  After many years of playing Milsim he enlisted into the US Army and is current conducting is basic training at Fort Benning, GA.  He has elected to write to me while in training to keep up on the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit and I will be posting his letters here as well for us all to read.  


If you wish to write SPC McKenzie yourself feel free too. I know all of us that have been away for deployments or training always enjoy receiving mail! 


RN#325 McKenzie Dylan

Delta Company, 2-19IN

5375 Hanson Drive, BLDG 3245

Fort Benning, GA, 31905




2018JAN21 - 1015hrs


Morning LTC, 

SPC McKenzie here, In the heart of the shit that is sand hill. A lots happened since I last wrote, I am now 2nd squad leader for 3rd platoon. We've conducted gas training, bay operations, weapons cleaning and multiple ruck marches. I also was assigned by the platoon sergeant as the "House Mouse" which is just a fancy name for "cleaning Bitch" but my squad pulls together and cleans with me while the rest of the platoon assists with other areas on the bay. Things for the future, we have phase testing on the 22nd and our first M4 qual on the 25th. I'll write again next week


3rdID Strong

SPC Dylan McKenzie.

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#60891 Arma 3 Action | Video

Posted by CPT A.Cantu on March 07, 2016 - 09:47 PM


Check out our newest video, made by our very own PFC Barrett! Outstanding job PFC! Hooah!

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#57263 Team Warfare League (TWL) Game Night

Posted by CPT A.Cantu on January 28, 2016 - 02:21 AM




WHEN: Friday January 29th @ 9:00PM EST


WHERE: Our servers, which will be renamed as follows for the evening-

TWL Game Night BDX - ORD

 TWL Game Night BDX - DFW

TWL Game Night FLO - ORD

 TWL Game Night FLO - DFW

  Join our teamspeak at 8:30PM teamspeak.3rdinf.us

We will head to TWL's teamspeak at 9:00PM teamwarfare.net



WHY: Team Warfare League is back! After a change of leadership, TWL is working hard to bring back their well earned reputation. Starting from the ground up, they hope to be the go to Gaming League for both the America's Army Proving Grounds community and the communities of other popular games out there. To get their name back out there and start building up the rapport with the community, they have scheduled the first of many public game nights. Although they have their own teamspeak server to host the event, they are relying on the community to supply game servers. We have offered up our servers for the night so that we can help give them publicity. We wish TWL all the best in their efforts to serve the AAPG community.

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#72763 Remembering September 11th

Posted by 2LT E.Hermanson on September 11, 2016 - 11:24 AM



On the morning of September 11th, 2001, four passenger aircraft in the United States were hijacked mid-flight.


The first, American Airlines Flight 11, was flown into the World Trade Center's North Tower at 8:46 AM. The second, United Airlines Flight 175, flew into the South Tower at 9:03. At 9:37, a third plane was flown into the western facade of the Pentagon. And at 10:07, a fourth plane crashed into a Pennsylvania field -- the world would later learn that there, passengers on United Flight 93 had risen up against their hijackers and sacrificed themselves to prevent further loss of life.


2,977 innocent people died that day. The hijackers are not included in that number, and they never deserve to be. They should be forgotten by time, left to rot in our collective memories.


But we will remember the innocents, and we will remember the first responders who gave everything to save others. We will remember the passengers of Flight 93, who saved countless lives through their immeasurable sacrifice. And we we will remember how America put aside differences and came together, even as our world fell around us.


Today, on the fifteenth anniversary of these attacks, we reiterate our promise.


We will never forget.

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#59837 Podcast - February 2016

Posted by CPT A.Cantu on February 26, 2016 - 04:54 PM


Public Affairs Office is proud to release our second monthly podcast!


This month we have Corporal J.Johnson and Captain A.Cantu discussing the start of Operation Bronze Fire, "The Man Behind the Rank," review of the "Speed of Sound Pure" which is an Arma 3 client-side sound mod, as well as discussion of some unit news.



Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!

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#90011 July 2017 Podcast

Posted by 2LT J.Johnson on July 09, 2017 - 09:56 PM

Big topics of conversation this month including our move to Battalion level, introduction of S-Shops, Ranger School, and various other topics.


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#64493 SGT Johnson's Vacation

Posted by CPT A.Cantu on April 28, 2016 - 02:30 PM












































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#102606 Newsletter - January 2018

Posted by SSG P.Fransson on January 25, 2018 - 03:25 PM



The Public Affairs Office is proud to release the first Newsletter of 2018!


Inside, you will find information on the latest developments in Operation Freedom's Sentinel, our Soldier of the Quarter, community screenshots of the month, 3rdID history and current events, as well as messages from the Battalion and Company Commanders.


Click to download!

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#94577 9/11 Rememberance

Posted by 2LT J.Johnson on September 11, 2017 - 12:42 AM


Four passenger airliners were hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists. Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively, of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed, and America was scarred forever. That day 343 firefighters, 73 law enforcement officers, and 2,996 civilians were killed that day. Over 6,000 others wounded. 

After evading capture for almost a decade, Osama bin Laden was located and killed by SEAL Team Six of the U.S. Navy in May 2011.

Today we remember our fallen heroes and honor their sacrifice.




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#89576 Unit Anniversary

Posted by 2LT J.Johnson on July 04, 2017 - 12:33 PM


Well ladies and gentlemen, we made it through another year full of laughs, good times, and explosions. Today we celebrate out 14 year anniversary since the founding of the unit. In game, we emulate the legacy and honor of the real 3rd ID in everything that we do. Alpha Company "War Eagles" was co-founded on July 4th, 2003, by Lieutenant Colonel D.Toby and Major J.Mathews. The 3rdID realism unit was based around the games "America's Army" and "Day of Defeat." Over the years, leadership has changed as well as the games played. Today our game presence is found in "America's Army Proving Grounds", "Arma3", and “Insurgency” under the leadership of Major LaFlash.


In April 2004 Lieutenant Colonel D.Toby retired from the 3rd Infantry Division Realism unit to continue his schooling to become a policeman. Major J.Mathews and his XO Captain Michael White continued to grow the 3rd Infantry Division. In May 2006, The current CO of the company, John LaFlash, began his career. Fresh out of the US Army, John LaFlash was quickly commissioned to Second Lieutenant after completing Officer Candidate School and led First Platoon “Widowmakers." In March 2008, John LaFlash was promoted to Captain, and subsequently given command of Alpha Company. Captain White officially took the role of HHC Commander. In fall 2008, The 3rd Infantry Division expanded its gaming support with America's Army 3 and Battlefield 2. Captain White retires. 


In March 2011, The 3rd Infantry Division expanded from company size up to battalion size. Alpha and Bravo Company were commissioned and led by Captain Jarrit Drinkman and First Lieutenant Barrow Fleetwood respectively. In September 2011, Lieutenant Colonel John LaFlash down-sized the 3rd Infantry Division back to a company size with two platoons due to lack of activity and support for Battlefield 2. February 2012, The 3rd Infantry Division ramped up with Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead. With the decline on America's Army 3 over the past years, Captain LaFlash shut down the 9 year game of America's Army to focus on Armed Assault.
In August 2013, Command Staff launched the 3rd Infantry Division into the new model of America's Army, America's Army: Proving Grounds! In May 2015, Alpha Company opens two new platoons in Armed Assault 3 and America's Army! In November 2015, Bravo Company reinstated under the leadership of 1LT Arthur Cantu in support of America's Army: Proving Grounds!
And finally in January 2017, Bravo Company opens a new platoon in support of Insurgency!
Reflect on our history and I hope to see you all next year! HOOAH!

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#64114 3rdID April 2016 Newsletter

Posted by 2LT J.Johnson on April 21, 2016 - 12:45 PM


Public Affairs Office is proud to release the second Newsletter of 2016!


Inside you will find the announcement of the Soldier of the Quarter, Screenshots of the Month, 3rdID History and Current Events, as well as messages from the Company Commanders.


April 2016 Newsletter

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#48562 PUB-A-THON September 19th

Posted by A.Fincher on September 08, 2015 - 03:25 PM



WHEN: Saturday September 19th @ 4:00PM EST- Sunday September 20th @ 4:00AM EST


WHERE: Our public servers - [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Public Server (AA:PG)

 [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Public Server (Arma 3)

  Join our teamspeak; teamspeak.3rdinf.us


WHO: We will have members on throughout the night and into the morning! We are inviting everyone to this event, come meet new people get to know our members and other members of the community and just have a good time!  


WHY: We here at the Third Infantry Division feel it's always a great opportunity to have people from all over get together and get to know not only us but other members of the Arma 3 and AAPG community. We will also be celebrating the end of summer and getting ready for the fall season that is now upon us! It will be a night filled with laughs and frags and give people the opportunity to meet new people and make some new friends! So clean those rifles, tighten those boot straps and get some sleep for nonstop action! Hooah!

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