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  • Liberation Friday

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    Calling all enlisted and civilian volunteers!

    The 3rd Infantry Division is seeking volunteers for deployment to Altis. ISIL forces have overthrown the government, and are terrorizing the population; with civilian and allied forces taking heavy casualties. An advanced force of volunteers have gone ahead and paved the way for a full deployment of any additional forces at an Airfield not far from the South Coast. So are you feeling patriotic? Want to help save thousands of lives and liberate Altis? Then RVSP and heed the call!

    James Lancaster
    Warrant Officer Candidate
    Recruiting and Retention Office

    --Side Note--

    If enough people show and attend the event, I will strive to make this a repeat event every Friday. This event particularly on this day, will take place AFTER the Land Navigation Course; giving people some time to take a break afterwards before we kick it off in full swing; although it will run for as long as their are people on. This is a good opportunity to hone your skills, as there is a full unlimited arsenal and lots of logistical elements. This event is obviously optional, but if our new enlistees have the time and the desire, it's highly recommended you join in for some arma 3 bonding and fun!

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    8 hours ago, SGT D.Marsh said:

    What time is the event? 

    After the Land Navigation Course is finished, give or take an extra 10-15 minutes for people to take a break prior to the event should they wish it; and then it'll run until people get off.

    Edited by WOC J.Lancaster
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