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  • Operation Baba Yaga

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    Story summary so far: Over the last few weeks NATO and Coalition forces have invaded Temblan Island to stop a genocidal civil war between a Russian backed separatist group and a tyrannical Local Government. By the time NATO Special Forces made landfall the Civil war all but ended with the separatists coming out on top. During the first mission SF Group Reject 1-1 (Players) inserted into the island to get in contact with a lost dive team ordered to extract the separatist commander codenamed Wolf. Reject 1-1 recovered 3 out of the 4 divers and also eliminated codename Wolf. During the course of the mission evidence of Russian Forces as well as the Wagner PMC Group were found on the island. During the second mission Reject 1-1 alongside Misfit 1-1 took out two key Coastal defense and artillery positions that were preventing the main coalition forces from making landfall. This mission confirmed conventional Russian forces in the AO. During the third mission Reject 1-1 assaulted a forward Wagner group operations base to collect intel and any prisoners that they could.  


    Situation: The 4th and final mission of the campaign is Operation Baba Yaga. With the intel recovered from the operations base as well as information from the VDV officer secured at the compound Military Intelligence has finally pieced together all the bread crumbs. Russian Spetznaz units, under the command of COL Petrenko Petrov, abducted three scientists and have convinced them to make some kind of weapon codenamed "Baba Yaga".  The weapon has been confirmed on the island but with the large coalition push the weapon will be moved sometime within the next few says.


    Mission: Reject 1-1 will be inserted behind enemy lines to observe and report any movements capable of carrying a large computer like device. Misfit 1-1 will also be inserted along side Reject 1-1 to make contact with a small armed civilian militia fighting back against the occupying Russian forces on the Island. All ground support and movements will be coordinated by Watcher 6 (SSG J.Ayers).



     COL Petrov and the Scientists





    Civilian Militia working in the Russian controlled part of the island


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