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  • Airborne School - Class 18-07


    Event details

    Airborne School is hosted by our Sister unit, 173rd Airborne Division.


    173rd Airborne Brigade - Sunday, October 21st at 8:00 pm EST (2000EST)




    Rank of Private Second Class


    Active in Squad/ Fireteam


    Mustered in for the week


    Uniform up to date


    173rd Modpack @173rd_v22.7Z


    VISIT THE 173rd Modpack list for current version of all other mods used: ModList


    Other client-side mods are optional at your leisure so long as they don't disrupt others' immersion
    Outfit Gear is not permitted


    TFR, CBA, Cup (Complete), RHS (All 3) are already mods 3rdID uses daily! Check the Repo.


    You will need to have their Mod packs before class time, Make sure to test them prior to make sure they work! The Class will not wait for you and you will be dropped from the course!


    Everyone who wishes to participate in the course, please sign up below. For successful completion of this course, you will be awarded your Basic Parachute Badge, if you have already gone through Parachute School and this is your second or more course, the jump will be recorded in your Personnel File.


    We will need a Team Lead that will take responsibility for our soldiers while attending this school. Usually its whoever is the highest rank that signed up or if this is your second time or more attending Airborne School.

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