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  • DEVORD #001


    Development Update - 24NOV2020

    Hello soldiers, welcome to the first unit wide development update! These posts will aim to give you an insight into the backend workings of our website and mods. COE will plan to publish these on a monthly basis, or when something exciting is being worked on!



    Steam Workshop:

    Steam workshop has taken a massive load off of our monthly bandwidth. We've also been able to confirm our automated update system is working with an ACE update last week.

    Soldiers have been able to update smoothly, with only some small issues which we've resolved by updating our FAQ section.https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/sharedfiles/ig/bg_top_workshop_v3.png

    Mission Sync:

    A new system we're introducing this month is Mission Sync. BMO has recently started using a Git repository to share mission files between 94Ws, COE saw an opportunity to use this repository to also keep our servers' mission files up to date. This sync is executed every Wednesday and Friday at 3AM parallel with our mod sync.



    Unit Administration:

    Those who are keen-eyed have most likely seen a new tab pop up in the navigation bar. "Unit Administration". This tab is currently used for quick-links to S-Shop pages as well as our operations, WARNORDs and the attendance sheet. In the future we plan to turn these pages into dashboards. Allowing members with multiple DMOS' to quickly find the information they need and perform quick tasks which would otherwise require Admin Panel access.

    Attendance Sheet:

    Our attendance sheet, accessible to squad leaders and up has also received an update. We've added in a graph to display attendance over the selected period and combat units. Additionally an option has been added to search for individual members.



    3rdID Custom Mods:

    With BMO switching over to Git, COE has also decided to use the 3rdid github organization to apply version control on our custom mods. This allows anyone with modmaking abilities, and access to the organization, to edit our source files which will then be PBO'd during our Monthly Monday Mod update.

    Custom flags and markers:

    Our first addition to this mod repository will be unit flags and map markers.



    Army Combat Uniform ranks:

    Once we get back home from Thin Ice, ceremonies will be held in ACUs. COE is working towards adding the U.S.ARMY patch on the left breast and will provide a version with your rank patch on your chest.

    They're still rough since COE is waiting for CID to provide all the images, but here's a preview already:



    Thank you for reading this first DEVORD, we'll continue to post these regularly. Please provide feedback for things you'd like to see in these posts.

    SFC J.Drake,

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