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  • DEVORD #002


    Development Update - 18DEC2020

    Hello soldiers, short one this time as we're headed into exodus.



    Dedicated Box:

    Our success in the transition to Steam Workshop is now also visible in our numbers. On average, we dropped about 75% in bandwidth usage compared to previous months! This means less stress on our server during peak mod update times.


    Project Cloud:

    Going into 2021 we want to leave amateur hour behind and get some real firepower for our servers. Currently TeamSpeak and our Game Servers are hosted on a dedicated windows server. This means that all of our eggs are in the same basket. Now imagine those eggs as variable in size and ready to explode at any time, whilst the basket is limited in size. You can see the problem there right?

    Step by Step Creation of an EC2 Instance in AWS and Access it via Putty &  WinSCP | by Balakrishnakumar V | Towards AI | Medium

    Project Cloud is an effort to move our services into "the cloud". We are currently in the process of trialing cloud supergiant AWS (Amazon Web Services). Looking ahead, it's always unsure what direction our unit will go into, and what kinds of finances there are available. With cloud services, we can scale up or down however much we want with only a few clicks. This means we can both suppress costs, and increase our performance.

    Right now TeamSpeak has been successfully migrated and our operation server is next in line. If trials prove to be successful, all servers will find a new home in the vastness that is "the cloud".



    Catching up:

    In December COE has focused on hammering out small annoyances and styling issues on our website, mainly caused by module and framework updates. Behind the scenes we also linked most of our plugins with the new Invision Marketplace. This means that if plugins release updates, we can install them instantly and effortlessly through our Admin Control Panel.




    3rdID Custom Mods:

    December was the first release of our new custom 3rdID modpack. You might've noticed that some items have gone missing. This is because COE worked hard to completely rewrite all config files following the modern Arma 3 standard.



    2020 was a great year for our unit. Not only in terms of our growth but also behind the scenes. Major upgrades and changes in our workflows have all been extremely successful, even if we do say so ourselves. Our agenda is packed with exciting features and developments for 2021 and we dive in with tons of enthusiasm.

    SFC J.Drake,

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