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  • Corps Of Engineers - Introduction


    "In technology we trust"

    Due to COE's complex nature, we are always hiring those who meet certain requirements!

    OIC: 1LT J.Drake
    NCOIC:  SGT C.Winters

    Technical Engineer (12T):

    A 12T...:

    • Maintains website and server installations and updates,
    • Develops new solutions in our custom modules and applications,
    • Maintains database data and updates,
    • Maintains unit AWS infrastructure,
    • Performs routine maintenance on unit servers.


    • Proficient in HTML5 (HTML, CSS, JS),
    • Proficient in PHP,
    • Knows about AWS or similar cloud services,
    • Knows about SSH and sFTP,
    • Has experience with IPS4.


    Land Combat Support System Specialist (94A):

    A 94A...:

    • Maintains custom unit mods and assets,
    • Maintains server configuration files,
    • Assists 94W in the creation/modification of scripts for unit missions,
    • Performs modpack additions/removals when requested by C-Staff,
    • Start, stop and restart servers on a needed basis.


    • Proficient in C++ (in an Arma 3 modding context),
    • Proficient in SQF,
    • Proficient with most Arma Tools,
    • Proficient with image manipulation tools (preferably photoshop) and 3D modelling,
    • Knows about CBA settings.

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