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  • Modpack Update - 04 JAN 2021

    There Has Been An Update To The 3rdID Modpack
    Please Download at Your Earliest Convenience


    • Third Infantry Division Modpack
      • Added Warrior Wall, which is a large flat concrete structure with our logo on it to replace the 10x10m user textures,
      • Removed old Ft Benning map files,

    There are no additions or deletions, so no need to subscribe or unsubscribe from any mods.

    Refer to our mod page for instructions: https://3rdinf.us/mods/

    *Note: we have exceeded the maximum standard modlist size, due to this we had to increase the traffic sent to the Arma 3 Launcher. This should not have any impact on the average user, however, users with outdated routers will no longer be able to sync their mods using the Arma 3 Launcher. Therefore the only way to sync for those are to download our modlist from our mod page and set up subscribed items using the import.

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