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  • DEVORD #003


    Development Update - 01FEB2021

    Hello soldiers, well into 2021 now COE would like to give another update on the new features added and coming to our unit.



    Dedicated Box:

    We continue to monitor the dedicated box to measure our current resource usage. We are now checking server FPS during operations as well as our monthly bandwidth, CPU and memory usage.

    Additionally we're working towards a new server setup without assigning them specific names. For example currently we have 6 game servers:

    • Public Server
    • Realism Server
    • R&R Server
    • Training Server 1
    • Training Server 2
    • Operation Server

    And it is extremely uncommon that all servers are used at the same time. Going into cloud services, we not only pay for our usage but there is also some fixed fees per server, downscaling the amount while raising the performance with the freed up funds per service would be in our advantage. For example:

    • Public Server
    • Modded Server 1
    • Modded Server 2
    • Modded Server 3

    Names TBD.

    Project Cloud:

    Teamspeak has been running incredibly stable, with 0 downtime we are very pleased with its current stability and connectivity compared to when it was running alongside the Arma servers.

    We've now put our eyes towards migrating the game servers too. We have already been successful at setting up an automatic steam update, game update and mod update during server launch, additionally we also added config management via our website's FTP. With these initial tests we were also able to get a cost estimation completed. Currently we are looking at ~130 USD/mo, with no more need for TCAdmin if we have it integrated on our website, we can save 25 USD/month whilst having a marginal performance boost as well as the ability to easily down/upscale depending on our requirements.


    The next step will be to start running missions on this test service, and then make a simple control panel integrated in our website to start/stop/restart servers using our already existing and extensive forum permissions.



    The attendance graph is now migrated to a block, so we can put it on any page we want. We've added it  under "Unit Administration". Additionally we have been in contact with our host to bring some dependencies we need to their PHP 7.4 version so that we can upgrade too which should give us a small performance boost as well as security patches and the ability to upgrade our framework in the future.

    Additionally we have enabled Google Analytics late 2020 and now we can start monitoring our website traffic more closely. Before we only had server logs but now we have more insights that allow us to focus more on those that bring in new members, or monitor where traffic comes from.



    3rdID Custom Mods:

    We have added a couple of new things to our mod, as well as a retexture of the warrior sign.




    A few exciting things are lined up for our modpack as C-Staff and BMO start working on the new operation. You'll see a few new exciting maps pop up in the upcoming months as well as more attachments, female heads, an AI overhaul and new TFAR animations.


    COE is currently focused on our new operation and supporting the other staff shops in their ability to start this new operation strong somewhere early spring!

    MSG J.Drake,

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