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  • DEVORD #004


    Development Update - 06MAR2021

    Hello soldiers, with our eyes on the new server infrastructure we've really been putting a lot of attention into making it easy to use and maintainable for the future. Additionally we've been experimenting with building out our own mod further as well as preparing for the upcoming operation.



    Dedicated Box:

    Nothing new to report here. It's been running smoothly.

    Project Cloud:

    Our new server structure has been decided and it's a wild one.

    • Arma Private Server 1 - arma-gs1.3rdinf.us
      • Modded: yes
      • Password protected: yes
      • Usage:
        • Priority: Operation/FTX, Ceremony and Promotion boards.
        • Allowed: Events hosted and endorsed by C-Staff (OSUT, Drills, Flight Drills, basic/advanced training courses).
    • Arma Private Server 2 - arma-gs2.3rdinf.us
      • Modded: yes
      • Password protected: yes
      • Usage: Events hosted and endorsed by C-Staff (OSUT, Drills, Flight Drills, basic/advanced training courses).
    • Arma Public Server 1 - arma-gs3.3rdinf.us
      • Modded: yes
      • Password protected: no
      • Usage:
        • Priority: Pub-a-thons and joint-ops
        • Allowed: R&R and Realism
    • Arma Public Server 2 - arma-gs4.3rdinf.us
      • Modded: yes
      • Password protected: no
      • Usage: R&R and Realism

    Headless Clients:

    We've also experimented with running a headless client during our FTX/Operations. So far it seems like AI was behaving better and were overall more responsive during Zeus missions. For this we had to do some scripting but the general idea is that when a Zeus places a unit, it no longer gets controlled from that Zeus' computer, causing massive latency issues (especially if one Zeus is from Belgium and the other from Australia ?). Instead the unit is transferred to the headless client that runs on the same machine as the server itself. We still had 2 vCPU cores available so that is ideal for running a headless client.



    As for TeamSpeak, the server is outperforming anything we throw at it. Currently standing strong for almost 2 and a half months. Unfortunately we will have to reset our uptime because TeamSpeak has decided to sponsor us with a sponsorship license which requires a server restart to be installed. This restart will be announced soon and we'll aim for a dead moment to execute this switch as to not interrupt any hardcore sweaty gaming that might be going on.


    Our website has been made ready for the new game servers. No longer will anyone have to ask if "x server is up" or "can you please start x", soon everything will be done through a new module on our forums. Currently only visible to COE but we can give a sneak peak.


    (note that stop and reboot will only be available to COE and C-Staff, so nobody can just interrupt your event)

    The goal is that any enlisted member can start a game server at any point in time. Whenever anyone wants to play on the realism server, host an event, prepare drills,... they can start the server themselves. And once the event is finished and players leave, the server will shut itself down again after 30 minutes of no activity to save resources.


    3rdID Custom Mod:

    Instead of needing to put a flat image up against the wall we now have proper picture frames with captions in 2 sizes thanks to @SPC P.Liwa. These have already found their way into different mission templates and are a big step up from those flat posters we had in the past.




    This week's update will include 3 new maps to prepare for our operation. Isla Duala will be added to simulate Ft Irwin, which is the pre-deployment base we will be deployed to for the month of March. And then we'll also add N'Djenahoud and Kujari which are part of our actual operation (more details regarding this to be announced by C-Staff once we're approaching our deployment date).


    We're now getting really close to shutting down our dedicated server and completely switching over. All systems are in place so theoretically we can be swapped over in a moment's notice, however we do not want to rush any decisions and so far it's all coming out of my personal pocket so no unit funds are wasted while we run both systems in parallel.

    1SG J.Drake,

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