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    Development Update - 18JUN2021




    With the release of SOG Prairie Fire we've transformed GS4 (Public Server 2) into a mike force server. This was quite a challenge for us since all our servers run off of the same startup script, meaning that it had to be customized for this 1 server. We saw great use of that server so COE is glad to see this wasn't for nothing.

    It's now been officially 1 year since we started experimenting with AWS and COE couldn't be happier with the results. Teamspeak has an extremely high uptime with disconnects happening a lot less frequently compared to the old rusty box. Game servers are no longer fighting over server resources since they all enjoy the full capacity of a high speed quad core CPU and a comfortable amount of memory. Making changes to server settings have been a breeze, as simple as changing the file and rebooting the server.


    Looking back at it, it has been a learning experience for all of us and we're extremely proud of the end product. Arma is by no means a stable or well made game but the fact that we've only had 2 hard server crashes so far speaks for itself.


    Not much was done on the website this month, we're looking at July to bring some new features to the table, especially helping DMOS's in their day-to-day business and automating parts that were previously thought to be impossible.

    Unfortunately our host still hasn't published the PHP extensions that we need to run our website, so it's possible we might be looking at a migration of the website, perhaps also to AWS, whenever IPS decides to do their next upgrade that will most likely end support for the PHP version that we're currently running.


    With our move to Kujari, S2 was in need of some new units. We've all seen the typical boko haram and ISIS units and S2 wanted to give a unique experience. 94A has worked hard on releasing our own units "Malian deserters" that are more experienced and have slightly better equipment than what we're used to. The suspicious civilian (banana man) and another enemy unit were the proof of concept for the Malian deserters. These units are subject to change as S2 needs change.


    We've also implemented a long awaited feature. Many discussions internally in COE and with C-Staff made us turn on verified signatures. We tried to solve the issue through our NCOs and leaders but even they were running things they didn't wish to part with so the iron fist approach had to be taken unfortunately. Verified signatures were quite simple to implement but some mods didn't have the keys so we had to do some last minute additions/removals to the modpack to keep more-or-less the existing functionality with different mods.


    OCS J.Drake,

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