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    Development Update - 13AUG2021




    Nothing interesting to report for our servers. We've had some small issues with mods not updating on private server 3/4 because they haven't been used in a long time. A quick reset of the mod cache fixed the issue.



    12T has worked hard on delivering a new application named "PERSCOM Enhanced". We're migrating a lot of our custom developments that were scattered all over the website into this module. It currently ships with 3 modules, but more to come later.  Here's a quick overview of what we have so far:



    Operations are collections of missions that follow a similar time-line. Operations are the base off event hierarchy. Once an operation is created, missions can be made. Missions have the option to automatically create calendar events and combat record entries.

    Finally, after the event, the combat unit supervisor can create an AAR which would include attendance for their combat unit. This will trigger the combat record assignment as well as populate the attendance sheet.


    Personnel currently consists of tracking and statistic tools such as the Attendance Sheet, and the Strength Sheet.


    This module is a planned WIP.

    Attendance Sheet

    The attendance sheet is populated by after action reports. Multiple combat units can be selected when generating the sheet over any period.

    Strength Sheet

    Strength sheet lists a combat unit's child units and their numbers. This is useful when assigning new members to combat units and allows them to be filled equally. Additionally, this tool has some total statistics for tracking purposes.

    P-File Enhancement

    Notable Awards

    Shows a small widget on a soldier's P-File with notable medals or awards that they have earned during their career.

    Default Uniform

    Set a default uniform when there is none on soldier level.

    Currently we're opening these modules one by one, the strength sheet is already available to RRO, and the new operations/missions/after-action-reports will be launched very soon as we're ironing out the last little issues.



    Firstly, 94A has once again worked with S2 Intelligence to add new customs units hence improving immersion during our weekly operations. Indeed, we will release the Malian Army to follow the story line written by @SGT A.Pendergast. Also, COE is thinking about creating custom uniforms to increase realism when adding new factions to our modpack.


    Secondly, we worked on exclusive objects and features that you maybe already noticed, such as the roleplay items. We keep working on the roleplay items to increase their quality and have a result close to vanilla content.



    We have also added some exclusive supply crate that customized with the 3rd Infantry Division typical equipment. Those crates are loadable, carry-able, sling loadable and para-drop-able using Arma, ACE3 and Advanced Sling Load frameworks. This will allow our platoon to load supply boxes into the strykers from the LZ after 3CAB dropped them.



    Unfortunately, you might have used the new "CCP" tag that is available using the green spray paint. We plan on maybe adding more such as arrows or straight line for roleplay purposes.


    And, to keep going on exclusive content, we are proud to present the Sig Sauer Tango 6. Thanks to @SGT D.Shade, we managed to release this scope that is used IRL by the US Army. After few rework, we're at a point where the material looks good and accuracy is perfect. Indeed, with 4 different zoom available, the Tango6 will allow you to easily eliminate targets over 600 meters. This variant is for basic rifleman with a fixed zeroing, but we are working on a SDM variant (different reticle + ACE Framework intergration) with SGT D.Shade. Its last update will be released as soon as possible, but it is ready and more usable that the version already available in game.


    To conclude, let's talk about the verified signatures. Some of you suffered some bugs from it but 94A worked with you to provide bug fixes available on the forum. Otherwise it is a success, we got rid off the errors on server side and no one is able to use mods providing advantages over other soldiers.

    2LT J.Drake, OIC
    SSG D.Sklenar, NCOIC
    CPL P.Liwa, 94A
    Corps Of Engineers.

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