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  • DEVORD #009


    Development Update - 22SEP2021



    The new mods added to the modpack caused some issues with the main arma server, and 2HCs using all of the server's available memory. Therefor we have upscaled GS1 and GS2 from 4vCPU 8GB RAM to 8vCPU 16GB RAM. Not only does that give us a lot more memory headroom, we could theoretically run 6 headless clients on that. We opted to go for 3 headless clients. Meanwhile on GS3 and GS4 have reduced the amount of HCs from 2 to 1. This will free up their memory and since we don't typically run large scale events with lots of AI on those servers, they should be able to handle the workload.


    The new operations module has launched. You can find it under PERSCOM -> Operations. This module includes displaying operations, the missions, and after action reports. On top of that it is feature packed with things like automatic calendar event creation, sending out notifications and emails to all enlisted personnel when a new WARN/OPORD is posted, automatically filling in combat records on P-files,... There were a couple of initial hiccups with permissions but overall the launch went smooth and all the relevant data from the previous AAR system has been migrated over.

    Less excitingly but more noticeably we have also launched a new homepage that is built with user retention and conversion as the main focus. Prospects are instantly greeted by an attractive page with to-the-point and approachable information wrapped in a nice jacket compared to the previous walls of text and crimes against web design.


    Our custom mod development has come to an abrupt stop with the departure of Liwa. SSG Sklenar has taken over Liwa's duties but needs to learn the skill. We also hired SPC Winters as 94A to assist in mod evaluation and eventually also grow into mod development.


    Perhaps not a flashy DEVORD this time but a lot has changed behind the scenes. Not just in terms of personnel but also our systems. We expect more of that in fall as we continue to develop PERSCOM Enhanced and our website as well as training ourselves to push the same quality to our mod as Liwa did in the past.


    2LT J.Drake, OIC
    SSG D.Sklenar, NCOIC
    SPC C.Winters

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