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  • Unable to launch game with GeForce Now

    I'm having 2 problems trying to setup my game with the mods that are required for me to play with you guys.

    I feel like I have to explain how Geforce Now works first before anything, Geforce Now is a cloud streaming service, therefore I don't have full access to the computer that they let me play on. To make it easier to understand it could be said that I'm using 2 computers. (1) My personal computer. (2) GeForce's computer. 

    (1) I have teamspeak installed and running, I also have installed the arma 3 addon, but I don't have Arma 3 installed.

    (2) This is where I play Arma 3, I have all the mods setup, but that's about it, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to connect Teamspeak(1) to Arma 3(2) since it´s basically 2 different computers. 

    My second problem is one of the maps that I have installed to be able to join the servers, It seems to be crashing the game everytime I try to launch it, because of the way Geforce Now works, everytime you close any game, it will terminate the connection to the computer, being a crash or simply me exiting the game, this means I'm unable to see if there is an error code. However there is an error code on Geforce itself once the connection gets terminated, but I don't think it's related to the game itself.





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    To put it simply, the TFAR Arma mod can not communicate with TS on a different computer. You must run both TS and Arma on the same machine, there's just no way around that. I tried to find some articles or guides to perhaps get both running but alas, I just do not think that's possible.

    So from a technical standpoint, there's not much we can do for you, this seems to be an nVidia issue. I've heard of many different funky setups that we've been able to get to work but nVidia is not one anyone present or past has been able to get working.

    You probably don't want to hear it, but to be part of an Arma milsim you must be able to run TFAR/ACRE as these are required mods in 90% of the communities that have more than 5 people. So there's 2 solutions:

    1. Buying/renting a physical gaming laptop or desktop that can handle the high demands of large scale Arma ops,
    2. Renting a full virtual machine, something like Shadow should give you better results as it gives you a FULL virtual windows computer instead of only the game,

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