15DEC2019 - The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit entered into a partnership with Military & Veteran Gamers {MVG} to which each group will support each other in Arma 3 milsim gaming.   This partnership is a great way to grow not only the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit but also build relationships in the Arma community as well as other military and non military based games on all gaming consoles.  Sergeant B.Lambert will be serving as the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Liaison to Miltary & Veteran Gamers {MVG}

    Little about Military & Veteran Gamers

    Our Liaison: -MVG- Devlin Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198259934880/

    Website: http://mvgcharity.org 

    Discord: http://discord.gg/MVGcharity 

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MVGCharity 

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mvgcharity

    Military & Veteran Gamers  {MVG} are a military-style gaming non-profit community with a lengthy, unbroken history. This community is defined as military-style because it has a rigid support infrastructure patterned after a military unit with awards, decorations, ranks, billets, and duty positions. It has a hard-coded and stable Chain of Command with a dedicated corps of leaders, officers, and NCOs (Sergeants) at all levels. Owned and ran by both active duty and veterans. More than that, we pride ourselves on teamwork and community. We espouse an ethos encompassing unity, respect, brotherhood, and family.

    Everyone is encouraged to hit up their website, discord, twitter and twitch.  Show them some love as they will us in our new partnership!    

Edited by MAJ J.LaFlash

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