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    • 3rd Infantry Division tests new hover tank technology



      The 3rd Infantry Division begins its initial operational testing on the Army’s newest tracked vehicle, the Main Battle Hover Vehicle (MBHV) today at Fort Stewart. The MBHV began product qualification testing earlier this year and 3rd Infantry Division will put the tank through live-fire exercise testing.

      The MBHV is ahead of its time, incorporating patented anti-gravity hover technology forceful enough to propel an updated M1 Abrams tank. The MBHV can execute start-up procedures within 26 seconds and reach hover speeds of 88 miles per hour within 18.5 seconds; that is a huge amount of force considering the body of the tank itself weighs in at 68 tons.

      Until this testing with 3rd ID, the development of the MBHV has been close-hold due its technology patents. Adding this vehicle to the Army’s arsenal will drastically increase the 3rd ID’s lethality by breaking up the predictability of legacy tank movements while adding new hover-pattern maneuvers to increase survivability chances during enemy engagements.


      “We cannot be more excited to be selected to test this new technology,” said 3rd ID’s senior commander. “Our mission has always been to close-with and destroy our nation’s adversaries in combat, so adding the MBHV to 3rd ID will increase mobility, firepower and force protection to make the Marne Division an unstoppable fighting force.”

      Modern warfare is waged in every domain. The MBHV testing as part of ongoing Army Modernization helps ensure that Army forces remain flexible and agile while improving their lethality by leveraging technology and integrating all warfighting functions against today’s threats.

      The 3rd ID senior commander is not the only Soldier eager to test the MBHV. Numerous tank crews from across the division volunteered without hesitation to try out the new hover tank technology.

      “This is something you only dream about or make sci-fi movies about,” said a 3rd ID tank commander. “I remember watching ‘Back to the Future’ thinking by 2015 we would all be in hover vehicles. It’s a few years late, but now I get a hover vehicle combined with a tank to shoot stuff… most of us feel like little kids all over again.”

      Testing will be on-going at Fort Stewart for the next two months and the hover tank will follow similar flight policies as the aviation fleet. The Fort Stewart garrison commander urges local citizens not to worry about an increase in flight traffic.


      “Seeing a tank flying through the sky can be worrisome to residents,” said the Fort Stewart Garrison Commander. “However, the tank crews are trained and restricted to the training area. We have increased our public affairs offices to field questions or noise complaints in the coming months.”

      Army modernization is one of the force’s top priorities. The fielding of the MBHV exceeds strategic goals on equipping the force to win future complex wars.

      “Testing the MBHV marks a major milestone for the 3rd ID and the Army,” said 3rd ID’s force management officer. “The superior power and mobility of the hover tank will set the foundation for future wars… plus, they are just cool.”

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