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    • Advanced Leaders Course - 18NOV2020


      NCO's are the backbone of the unit and the Army. The Advanced Leader Course provides NCOs with tools necessary to fill higher leadership roles. Subjects covered include Battlemind, Army Leadership, Conducting an AAR, Effective Communication, Ethics and Leadership, Mentoring, Advanced Analysis of Army Values, Lineage and Honors, Warrior Pride, as well as covering advanced tactics, drill and ceremony, and formations. 

      These soldiers have taken steps towards becoming those leaders whom can be trusted, emulated, and valued as integral parts of the leadership team and of the NCO Corps.  Congratulations to the soldiers of Advanced Leaders Course class 20-01


      2LT.png.90fa3b93aa2b9181d39f6a6304183106Second Lieutenant Bailey Lambert NCODEV.png.2125afba24c578e4cc9ab64f4640b
      sfc.png.6c31b98077b8cbcbb228337d94180b52Sergeant First Class Jannes Drake NCODEV.png.2125afba24c578e4cc9ab64f4640b
      ssg.png.a010b3517445f30facf1cb1cc6ba7b27Staff Sergeant Christoph Brock NCODEV.png.2125afba24c578e4cc9ab64f4640b
      sgt.png.70c34451dcf0d5dfe0f98fd359e1dd4bSergeant Kalin Grigorov NCODEV.png.2125afba24c578e4cc9ab64f4640b


      MAJ.png.36de6f1ef5216090cd3e258205eaaa01Major John LaFlash

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