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      The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit extends to you our personal thanks and sincere appreciation of your contribution of honourable service to our unit. You have led us through many battles and have influenced the growth of those next to you, above and, certainly not least, below you.

      Your service shall be remembered as long as the unit stands the test of time ever forward. You have dedicated your time to us with hopes of seeing us improve every week and we hope you can continue to observe a better tomorrow wherever your path takes you.

      -From a soldier who saw it from the beginning




      Today we will take the time to congratulate Sergeant Major Christoph Brock for his retirement. He enlisted with us on the 28th of December 2019 and raked up 1,684 days of service, throughout his career, he served as a Fireteam Member, Fireteam Leader, and Squad leader of 1st squad Scorpions, before moving on to Widowmakers Platoon Sergeant and then Company First Sergeant, which he held for the last 644 days.

      His commendation includes a Defence Superior Service Medal (DSSM), a Soldiers Medal (Named SOTQ Q1-2020), a Bronze Star with Valour, a Purple Heart, and a Meritorious Service Medal along with several other leadership and combat leadership awards and accolades.

      He also served valiantly as the NCOIC of FIG for years and helped develop and run many of the courses we currently offer to our members.

      Sergeant Major Christoph Brock on behalf of The 3rd Infantry Division, we thank you for your long and dedicated service.

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