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    • Expert Infantryman Course #23-01



      The Expert Infantryman Course is mostly a qualification event. Soldiers are tested and expected to demonstrate proficiency in all warrior tasks. Soldiers are tested on land navigation, weapons qualifications, call for fire, basic first aid, battle drills, map reading and range estimation among others. The Expert Infantryman Badge is extremely tough and only those who graduate from the grueling four-hour course may wear the badge.

      The following Soldiers have successfully completed Expert Infantryman Course Class 23-01:

      True Blue Graduates:

      spc.png.7cdaf4da863f968b0bb2dddba8ddbadb.png.3fe005b4cd600be35b984cc915af605e.pngSpecialist Jake Starling EIB.png.9e65768870c2fb43f2ce3c6f3784e30d.png.24b6b36b2d5204c146fe1364bae3c28e.png


      cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611.png.c1299273e703ab8c88cd24a135a6de3f.pngCorporal Kyan Siegel EIB.png.9e65768870c2fb43f2ce3c6f3784e30d.png.24b6b36b2d5204c146fe1364bae3c28e.png
      spc.png.7cdaf4da863f968b0bb2dddba8ddbadb.png.3fe005b4cd600be35b984cc915af605e.pngSpecialist Austin Bills EIB.png.9e65768870c2fb43f2ce3c6f3784e30d.png.24b6b36b2d5204c146fe1364bae3c28e.png



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