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    • Happy Holidays


      Command Staff and I extend our deepest gratitude and best wishes to the Soldiers, Civilians and Families of the unit during this holiday season. This is a time of year during which many of us have the opportunity to take leave, relax, and spend some much deserved quality time with our friends and Families. I encourage you not to take this opportunity for granted.  All Soldiers are authorized for exodus as of 1600EST 22JAN2019  through 1200EST 02JAN2020. 

      Since the US Army was founded more than 244 years ago, Soldiers have willingly and eagerly defended this nation during the holiday season. On Christmas night in 1776, General George Washington led an element of 2,400 Continental Soldiers across the icy Delaware River to attack the Hessian Soldiers in Trenton, New Jersey. This successful mission, and countless other missions during the holidays since that day, is a testament to the selfless service and bravery of the American Soldier.

      As the holiday exodus is statistically a very active time for online gaming we will be keeping our Recruiting and Retention office open.  Staffed only by volunteers, RRO  will continue to recruit, process, orientate and place new soldiers during this time frame.  If you wish to be a volunteer during this time please contact Sergeant Bailey Lambert

      As we enjoy this holiday season, please remember the Soldiers and Families who will not have the opportunity to spend this special time of year together. The Marne Division currently has more than 1000 Dog Face Soldiers deployed around the world defending our freedoms and working to achieve the ultimate goal of peace on Earth. As they work through the holidays with their brothers and sisters in arms, let us share the same camaraderie and cohesiveness here with their Families, who anxiously await their return.

      Please remain vigilant this holiday season and keep safety foremost in your planning and actions. While this time of year is joyful for most, it is also the most stressful time of year for many. Domestic violence and suicides are an unfortunate, and preventable, effect of this stress. Provide support to those who are going through a stressful period of their lives, and seek support if you are experiencing the same. You are never alone in our Marne Family. You are each a valued member of an elite team and we want everyone to returned recharged for the New Year.

      It is the season for parties. Take the time to have fun, but moderation is the key. New Year's Eve is notorious for drunk driving. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by staying alert. If you drink, leave the keys with a designated driver, or call a taxi. If you are hosting, provide alternative, non-alcoholic drinks. Also remember: buzz driving is drunk driving. Don't text and drive and of course "If you drive don't drink and if you drink don't drive and if you drink don't drink alone!" 

      It is truly a privilege, and a blessing, to serve as your Unit Commander. What makes this position so rewarding is the hard work, readiness, and resiliency of our Soldiers. Thank you for all that you do. May this joyous season bring you peace and happiness throughout the coming year.

      Happy holidays to all of you and yours!  Army Strong, Rock of the Marne!

      - MAJ J.LaFlash


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