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      During Ceremony this past Sunday First Sergeant J.Drake announced two major leadership assignments in Alpha Company, First Platoon. The following Soldiers have been promoted to:


      First Lieutenant Bailey Lambert – Executive Officer, A-CO, 1-2 IN

      A seasoned 3rdID veteran, First Lieutenant B.Lambert has continued to to set the example within the Unit. As a Soldier during operations he leads from the front and commands with respect and authority and expects his orders to be carried out by the letter, which in 99 percent of all cases they do. 1LT B.Lambert has also shown great commitment to the Unit in DMOS duties as well, holding seven individual DMOS jobs and committing to them with excellence. It is with great pride that we announce and recognize 1LT’s accomplishments and his promotion to Executive Officer of Alpha Company.


      Officer Candidate Jannes Drake – Platoon Leader, 1/A-CO, 1-2 IN

      Another long standing 3rdID veteran, Officer Candidate J.Drake shown great leadership and dedication to the Unit. Over his time within the 3rdID OCS J.Drake has proven to be dependable and always at the ready, taking over when things get rough and setting the example for those under him to follow. Due to his exemplary leadership as 1SG, it is with great admiration that Jannes Drake be promoted to Officer Candidate to further lead the Unit as he has in the past. We have no doubt in his ability to lead and delegate those under him. Congratulations Drake and welcome to the Officers Corps!


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    Hooah, Proud of both these gentlemen and thier leadership in their prior positions and look forward to both growing into their new command roles!  

    Congratulations Leaders!

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