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    • Leadership Promotions


      During Ceremony this past Sunday, Major J.LaFlash announced several promotions, two major leadership assignments in Alpha Company and First Platoon, with two more significant leadership changes on 4th squad Phoenix. The following Soldiers have been assigned to new billets:


      Master Sergeant Christoph Brock - Company First Sergeant, A-CO, 1-2 IN 


      MSG C.Brock completed his second year in service with 3rdID and was promoted from Sergeant First Class to Master Sergeant, he now fills the Alpha Company's First Sergeant role. MSG C.Brock has proven over and over his leadership abilities and, without any doubt, will maintain his extremely high standards of professionalism and dedication on his new duty.


      Staff Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci - Platoon Sergeant, 1/A-CO, 1-2IN 


      With MSG C.Brock's move to Alpha Company's First Sergeant, another unit veteran, SSG G.Tucci, was moved from Phoenix's squad leader role and now takes the billet of Platoon Sergeant. SSG G.Tucci will use the expertise acquired during his stints as Fireteam Leader in both 2nd and 3rd squads and his experience as 4th Squad leader, all of them highly successful, to lead the unit on the field with the same level of proficiency as his predecessors did.


      Sergeant Nathan Cooper - Squad Leader, 4/1/A-CO, 1-2IN


      SGT N.Cooper, on his second tour with the unit, is the new squad leader for 4th Squad Phoenix. He also recently took the NCOIC position at PAO, showing extreme dedication to the Unit. SGT N.Cooper will now lead Phoenix in the field, being completely capable of promoting a smooth leadership transition period in the Squad


      Private First Class Rupert Flannigan - Fireteam Leader, 4/1/A-CO, 1-2IN 


      Last but not least, another member of the unit on his second tour, PFC R.Flannigan is the newest fireteam leader for the 4th Squad, filling in the slot left open with SGT N.Cooper move to 4th Squad leader. Considering his previous experience, we can rest easy knowing that the member of Phoenix Squad are on capable hands.



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