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      Photo credit: U.S. Army


      During Ceremony this past Sunday, First Sergeant Patrick Conlisk announced several new leadership assignments in First Platoon.


      The following Soldiers have been promoted to:



      Officer Candidate Bailey Lambert - Platoon Leader


      Celebrating his first enlistment anniversary, Staff Sergeant Bailey Lambert has been promoted to Officer Candidate. He now takes the reins of First Platoon “Widowmakers” as Platoon Leader.


      After starting his service as a Fireteam Leader within First Squad, he quickly rose through the ranks, taking on the duties of Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant before his current assignment. An accomplished veteran of Operation Thin Ice, Officer Candidate Lambert holds a number of qualifications and awards, including the Expert Marksmanship Badge, Air Assault Badge, Basic Parachute Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal with “V” Device & Oak Leaf Cluster, and many other decorations. His example continues to set a high standard for the unit.


      Office Candidate Lambert had the following message for his Soldiers: “Be loyal to yourself and loyal to your team. If you’re loyal to your fellow soldiers they will have trust, faith and believe in you as a leader. This way, you can expect great success with fellow soldiers following in your footsteps.”



      Sergeant Jannes Drake - Platoon Sergeant


      A long-time member of 3ID, Corporal Jannes Drake has been promoted to Sergeant, returning to the duty of “Widowmakers” Platoon Sergeant.


      During his time with the unit, he has also served Platoon Forward Observer, Fireteam Leader, and Squad Leader. Deployed in Operations Bronze Fire, Red Leopard, Bright Star, and Thin Ice, Drake has a large amount of experience to share with the Platoon. He has been awarded the Expert Marksmanship Badge, Air Assault Badge, Basic Parachute Badge with Gold Star, Expert Infantry Badge, Combat Infantry Badge (Stage 2), Ranger Tab, 3ID Patch, French Fourragere, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, and many others.


      Sergeant Drake wants his Soldiers to know he is there for them and always approachable. He said, “I definitely want to focus on making 3rdID more active during the week, by just hanging out in the Platoon Common Hall, playing some other games, etc.”


      He added, “Another point is ensuring that there is [not only] healthy competition, but also a real sense of cohesion between the Squads and Platoon...and even extend it to help Soldiers realize that we are all members of the Arma community, not just 3rdID.”



      Corporal Maarten Gregoire - Squad Leader


      Now well into his first reenlistment, Corporal Maarten Gregoire has been promoted to Second Squad Leader.


      A decorated veteran of Operations Bronze Fire, Red Leopard, Bright Star, Freedom’s Sentinel, and Thin Ice, he has filled a number of positions within the unit, such as Platoon Medic, Fireteam Leader, and Forward Observer. Gregoire’s qualifications and awards include the Expert Marksmanship Badge, Air Assault Badge, Basic Parachute Badge with Gold Star, Combat Infantry Badge (Stage 3), Combat Action Badge, Combat Medical Badge, Ranger Tab, 3ID Patch, French Fourragere, Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart, and many others.


      Corporal Gregoire spoke about his new post, stating, “This is my second tour, and I am very happy to be part of this community. Although it has had its ups and downs, it’s still a great unit filled with great people. I'm always available if someone needs a chat or some advice!”


      When asked about his vision for Second Squad, he said, “I rejoined this unit with the goal to make this community bigger and more active again. Most of the time, [there is] a fair amount of Ghosts soldiers on Teamspeak, so I'd say it’s going very well so far. That’s the direction I’d like to keep on going, and maybe we can spread this to the other squads as well. And become really active as a community again during the week!”



      In closing, First Sergeant Conlisk said, “From what I understand and from what I know, Sergeant Lambert really is the heart that pumps the blood through this unit. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve with him, and I am really excited to see what he can do taking the helm of this platoon. We have really high expectations for him, but I have every confidence that he will be able to lead you into the future and lead you to success.”

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