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    • OSUT GRADUATION #23-02


      Congratulations to One Station Unit Training Class 23-02 (ARMA3) for the successful completion of training! This Soldier has been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and has earned the right to be a fully active member of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah!


      1301452110_WarrantOfficerCandidate.png.c8f7af6cd277c7fa07429156357bb3f9.png.d713542a293ad65fa9df6e515b1b2dba.png WOC C.Murphy ASR.png.a7c2cadb2aba55658ebcb2d00f952ba5.png.57f8b8f37f681180732911f730031a04.png1116968825_RifleSharpshooter.png.6d2f9d2418dbc3e3a9a26a21798aee6a.png.7ca1842eda1c07cb311b821a120d8d9a.png


      ssg.png.53af58f044e61719d61456baf480810f.png.89e26eab3e0d09038e6d64be7df0e76c.pngSSG R.Ivanov
      cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611.png.4bf702c0401b101a7b7bce9d6fdd80e7.pngCPL A.Nikeus
      spc.png.7cdaf4da863f968b0bb2dddba8ddbadb.png.68322d2469e6f6813972309d44b6569c.pngSPC A.Shocked
      spc.png.7cdaf4da863f968b0bb2dddba8ddbadb.png.68322d2469e6f6813972309d44b6569c.pngSPC P.Perez


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