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    • Soldier of the Quarter Selected - Corporal Arthur Pendergast


      Corporal Arthur Pendergast joined the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit on October 7th, 2020 where he was first assigned as a Fireteam rifleman in Third  Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company quickly upon graduation of OSUT. By mid November 2020 he was selected to move onto Fourth Squad as it reactivated were he then served as the Squad Medic.  On April 10th, 2021 he was promoted to Platoon Medic, First Platoon "Widowmakers".

      Throughout his time here he has shown a very strong passion for our unit, dedication, patriotism, valor, fidelity and professional excellence. He shows these while following behind his combat team as their trusted Combat Medic to leading and setting the example in his DMOS. Having earned himself an Army Achievement Medals, a Humanitarian Service Medal (HSM) and being a soldier that also completed Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) as well as graduated skilled schools in Combat Medic, Airborne, and Air Assault, he earned the covenant French Fourragere Cord. In view of these qualities, his demonstrated leadership potential, and dedicated service, Corporal Arthur Pendergast has been award the Soldiers Medal and selected as this Soldier of the Quarter.

      Soldier's Medal 

      Tell us a little about yourself.  

      My name is Arthur, I am 24 years old  and as most of you know, I live in France. I've recently graduated, ending up with a master of political science. My master specialty is on labour laws, and my thesis was on teleworking !  I am currently trying to join the UN or the ILO (International Labor Organization) in Geneva.  I love playing video games, especially ArmA 3, Tarkov, Rainbow 6 Siege, HOI4 or Men Of War.

      Why did you join 3rdID? 

      Well, I was looking into a milsim unit for a few months before I joined the 3rdID. But the choice was difficult, and nothing I found felt like I would enjoy being part of. There is a modder that I am backing up on Patreon, and on the discord I met SGT D.Shade who told me he might have a unit I would enjoy. So I joined, and enjoyed my OSUT thanks to the good work of SFC C.Brock and CPL J.Kiheri, which motivated me to later join FIG. Finally, I was sure of my choice when SSG E.Abel and SSG G.Tucci became my leaders. I knew the 3rdID was what I was looking for.

      Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? 

      My most memorable moment is the reactivation of 4th squad. There I got the chance to stay with my first leader, SSG G.Tucci and to be trusted with the 68W position. I was also joined by fellow soldiers from 1st squad and 2nd squad, including my long time friend SPC P.Liwa, which I've known for about 5 years.

      Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? 

      Enjoy. It's not usual for a milsim to be at that level of quality. To give everyone a chance at ranking up, and to have that much experienced people in a lot of different fields. From army experience, to computer programmation, graphic design and such. Being part of this family is a chance every new soldier should embrace.

      What army value is the most important to you and why? 

      I find every value important, but I would say Duty. As we all know, enjoying the missions or drills the week-end is just the tip of the iceberg. For the unit to be successful, every soldier has to do his job, especially in their DMOS.

      What motivates you? 

      Having more fun each weekend that pass with the new friends I made along the way. Meeting new and interesting people and having a good laugh. And also grabbing more materials for memes crafting !

      Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit? 

      Always look to improve. Even with my numerous hours in ArmA 3, I still keep learning from fellow soldiers in the unit. I take example from people with more experience, and I enjoy teaching to new soldiers that also want to improve their skill set.

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