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      Specialist Christoph Brock joined the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit on December 27th, 2019 where he was first assigned to First Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company quickly  graduated of OSUT. Specialist Brock is currently a Fireteam Leader within First Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company

      Throughout his time here he has shown a very strong passion for our unit, dedication, patriotism, valor, fidelity and professional excellence. He shows these while leading a combat fireteam to showing excellence several DMOS's (PAO/ FIG). In view of these qualities, his demonstrated leadership potential, and dedicated service, Specialist Christoph Brock has been award the Soldiers Medal and selected as this Soldier of the Quarter


      Soldiers Medal

      Tell us a little about yourself. 

      I'm Christoph Brock, although this is not my real name. It's a screenname I've used since 1998, starting in Ultima Online. In real life I'm 40, married, and I work as a Director of Religious Education. Basically I run the Sunday schools and other educational programs for a couple churches. I enjoy reading about history and culture (especially militaria), spending time outdoors, goofing off with my dachshunds, and playing video games.

      What is your favorite aspect of the unit? 

      It's really the community. I've talked with a lot of Arma players and checked out other units, and it's hard to beat the atmosphere in [3rdID]. The vast majority of players are friendly and helpful, especially to newer soldiers. There are a lot of different personalities and everyone adds something to the mix. And the commitment people put into training and missions is really outstanding. We have plenty of  opportunities to have fun while remaining focused on the milsim experience. It's the perfect combination.

      Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit?

      I remember one night back in January. I had just completed OSUT the day before and was on the 173rd's server for a joint Airborne School. Then SGT B.Lambert, PFC R.Devlin, PFC K.Maxfield, and PV2 Yours Truly loaded up into a C-130 for the day jump. Only the pilot crashed at the end of the runway. After bailing out onto the tarmac and running from a pool of leaking aviation fuel. It was too much of a debacle not to have a good laugh. Later, after completing the course, we all jumped onto the Realism Server for some 0-dark-30 COIN. So we're loading up at the Arsenal when all of the sudden, Devlin comes roaring up behind us in a Bradley. He's blasting 'Fortunate Son' from his speaker, doing donuts in the sand. It pefectly set the tone for the mission ahead. Then CPL D.Shade had just come back to the unit and joined us for some late night tomfoolery. When it was all said and done, I was exhausted, but it had been the most fun playing all night in a long time.

      Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers?

      Keep a positive attitude and learn from your fellow soldiers. Whether you're a student thinking about joining the military, a veteran who's tired of the COD crowd, or just a tactical realism enthusiast, there's something to gain here. So many players put in countless hours each week just to have fun with one another. It's an awesome thing to be a part of. Make the most of it, and do your part to contribute. As they say, many hands make light work. Have fun--together!

      What army value is the most important to you and why?

      Of the Seven, Respect is the most important to me. That is, that people treat others--and themselves-- as they should, with dignity and respect. When people do this, each of the other Six values falls into place. It's a kind of social glue that keeps units, organizations, even friendships together, and close. Just like in real life, Respect pays dividends here in [3rdID].

      Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?

      Here are a few lessons in no particular order: Patience is a virtue. Even if I think I know something, it's good to learn from others in order to gain new insights. Always seek to improve yourself and your skill sets. You get out of it what you put into it. Finally, we have a lot of good soldiers here, and there's always room for one more.

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