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      Trident Outfit

      Recently the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit was honored with a TeamSpeak Sponsorship. This is great news as it allows us to shed more attention to ourselves in a positive manner and at no cost to us. As we all know, TeamSpeak is an invaluable resource for us. If it wasn’t for TeamSpeak the 3rd Infantry Division would not be able to interact as we do. Most importantly our main plugin, TFAR.

      TeamSpeak not only allows us to game in Arma properly but it also allows us to hold important meetings and off-game training applications and other important criteria. TeamSpeak is an invaluable resource to us and this recent official sponsorship allows us to use TeamSpeak for FREE. 

      On behalf of the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit and Public Affairs I would personally like to thank TeamSpeak for their recent sponsorship. This eases the financial burden on our personnel as we are funded primarily from our Soldiers. This sponsorship also shows that the 3rd ID is an active and positive member of the Arma community as we most likely would not have received this kind gesture if we have not proven ourselves to be such. 

      Your trust has been well placed TeamSpeak and the 3rd Infantry Division looks for many more years of quality service from you!

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    Hooah!  Nice work to 1SG Drake for setting this up and coordinating this sponsorship!  We owe this all to his hard work and dedication!!   Awesome job Top!!!

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