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    • U.S. Marine Corps Celebrates 245th Birthday


      Photo credit: United States Marine Corps


      Today the United States Marine Corps celebrates 245 years of service to our nation.

      On November 10, 1775, the Second Continental Congress established the Continental Marines, consisting of two battalions. The first recruits enlisted at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, making this location the “Birthplace of the Marine Corps”.

      Since the beginning of our nation, US Marines have worked along Sailors and Soldiers to defend against hostile forces. Over the centuries, they have established themselves as the world’s premier naval infantry.

      In the decades following the American Revolution, the US Marine Corps sailed “to the shores of Tripoli", distinguishing themselves in action during the First Barbary War in 1805. Their victory in Derna marked the first time Marines raised the United States flag on foreign soil. Marines fought again in the Mexican-American War, marching to the “halls of Montezuma” in their assault on Chapultepec Palace, September 13, 1847.

      During the US Civil War, Marines participated in the First Battle of Manassas and served in blockade and ship boarding duties.

      The Marines came of age during the Spanish-American War, with expeditionary forces landing in the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. They continued their tradition of readiness in the early 20th century, deploying around the Caribbean and South America.

      In the later years of World War I, the Marine Corps continued to distinguish itself in battle, fighting in Chateau-Thierry, Bouresches, and most famously at Belleau Wood. During the 1920s, Marines fought in a number of "Small Wars" around the Caribbean.

      The USMC proved its combat readiness again throughout World War II, fighting in the Philippines, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and countless other battlespaces across the Pacific. They continues this legacy in the Korean War, fighting tenaciously at Pusan, Inchon, and Chosin Reservoir.

      During the Vietnam War, Marines were once again called to action, fighting in Da Nang, Hue, and Khe Sanh, and elsewhere, fighting against both Viet Cong guerillas and North Vietnamese Army regular forces.

      In the latter half of the 20th century, Marines attached to a Multi National Force in Lebanon were bombed in Beirut, leading to the highest loss of life in the USMC during peacetime. Our nation lost 220 Marines that day.

      But Marines have continued their legacy of excellence, fighting in Grenada and Panama. Soon after, the USMC distinguished itself once more in the Gulf War, liberating Kuwait from Iraqi forces. This was the largest Marine Corps operation in its history.

      Since then, the Corps has played a central role in the War on Terror, battling terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Their battle record includes Garmsir, the Invasion of Iraq, Fallujah, Ramadi, and more.

      Today’s young Marines continue to look to the examples of those who served before them, fostering a lasting culture of tradition and excellence. The United States Marine Corps stands ready to defend our nation against evolving threats of  the future.

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    Happy birthday to the USA Marine Corps. I have a lot of respect for all serviceman of this corps, may they be from the past,  the present or the future. May the marine corps live 245 years more, at least !

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