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  • Alexander Vandle

    Active Duty
    Company Executive Officer
    • Enlistment Date

    • Induction Date

    • Promotion Date

    • Alexander Vandle

      First Lieutenant

    • Timezone

      • Timezone
    • Activity

      • Reported In
    • Length Of Service

      • Time In Service
        3 years and 2 months
      • Time In Grade
        4 months and 14 days
    • Notable Medals

    Date Name Attachments
    Squad Leader Developmental Course Qualified
    Qualified with Rifle (M16A2): Expert
    Expert Infantryman Badge Qualified
    Jumpmaster Qualified
    Safety Officer Qualified
    Ranger Qualified
    Air Assault Qualified
    Advanced Radio Communication Qualified
    Basic Parachutist Badge Qualified
    68W Combat Medic Qualified
    Squad Designated Marksman Qualified
    Airborne Qualified
    Land Navigation Qualified
    Combat Lifesaver Qualified
    Qualified with Pistol (M17): Qualified
    Qualified with Grenade (M67): Expert
    Qualified with AT4 (M136): Qualified
    Qualified with AR (M249): Sustained Fire
    Qualified with GL (M203): Qualified
    Qualified with Rifle (M16A2): Expert