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  • Specialist Harvey Moro

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Tell us a little about yourself. 
    I'm a stay at home kind of guy, I literally have one real-life friend and that would be my best friend. I don't like going out that much and as all of you have seen, I'm basically on most of the time. Things that you might not know about me is that I'm a serious person who knows how to have fun and I enjoy intellectual talks that can go on for hours.
    What is your favorite aspect of the unit?
    Having you guys as a second family, valuable friends can be found even in the most of unsuspecting places such as this unit.
    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? 
    Too many to mention but what really stood out was SSG Stowe's cornbread comedy and our conversation about how many kinds of hams are out there in the world, another thing is SGT Keaton's corny but funny jokes, and just all of the stupid conversations I've had on team speak with my guys.
    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? 
    Respect everyone and before you judge someone, understand them first. Self-awareness is key.
    What army value is the most important to you and why? 
    Respect, because respecting someone allows you to understand them and why they are the way they are.
    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?
    Not valuable lessons but I have learned more about myself being in this unit. What I'm capable of and the kinds of responsibilities I can take on. 

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