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  • Staff Sergeant Roman Ivanov

    Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Staff Sergeant Roman Ivanov joined the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit in August 2021 where he was assigned to First Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company "War Eagles". While in First Squad, SSG Ivanov served as a Fireteam Member, Fireteam Leader, and since July 2022 as Squad Leader While in the 3rd Infantry Division, SSG Ivanov has shown his commitment, drive, and motivation. 

    Earning 16 Humanitarian Service Medals, an Armed Forces Service Medal, and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Airborne and Air Assault wings, and Finally his Ranger Tab. SSG Ivanov also holds the Force Improvement Group Drill Sergeant Campaign Hat and Badge, serving with FIG since September 2021.

    SSG Ivanvov's faith, fidelity, and dedication to the 3rd Infantry Division are in keeping with the traditions of this unit, earning him Soldier of the Quarter, and the Soldiers Medal

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    My name is Roman Ivanov. I'm from Saint-Petersburg Russia. I work for a car repair company, I'm specifically dealing with their database. During the free time I usually read books, I'm a big Sci-Fi guy, I love Star Trek(old Star Trek). It was my first Sci-Fi I've ever seen. The Next Generation is the best. I also Love Star Wars but not modern Star Wars. Also The Expance, one of the best modern shows. I also play video games, RTS, Shooters, RPGs. I go for a walk with friends or sisters. IF we have cool concerts or something we go there. We have a lot going on in the city but not a lot of good stuff nowadays.

    Why did you join 3rdID and what keeps you here?

    Well I used to play Arma since the game had Operation Flashpoint name. One day I found Rubix Raptor YouTube channel, he posts videos about him gaming Arma and other games with his community, and I decided that I want to play this game with big community, so I checked for milsim groups and found 3rdID. The website, streams, time zone - everything was awesome and I signed up.

    I'm staying here because of people, especially the ones who I bonded with since my first days in the unit. Plus we have a lot of Military people here or just people that like Military and this is a very good opportunity the talk to them and learn something new. I like Military stuff because I'm from Military family.

    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? 

    I have a lot of moments, like launching ourselves to orbit in the Stryker during one of my first missions. I mean everyday with community is awesome and I enjoy it.

    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers to help them in their careers here?

    Well, if you want to achieve something, stay true to your goal. And just do what you gotta do, your efforts will not go unnoticedю

    What army value is the most important to you and why? 

    Selfless Service



    We must respect each other and your work, doesn't matter if it is in this unit or real life.

    What motivates you in the unit?  

    People, always people that I do things with.

    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?

    Giving second chances. I came to the idea that I should give people 2nd chance sometimes.

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