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  • WARNORD Fun Op 13.03.2020

    WARNORD 13.03.2020

    Just a few hours after a violent overthrow of the Democratic Goverment of Malden, US Special Activities Division (SAD) moved into key locations around the island to protect Democratic High Goverment Officials and the President of Malden. The new Goverment called ''United Malden Front'', declared the US Forces as hostile. Most of the US Forces were pushed back to sea, and one Military Base called ''The Eye of Malden''. US Vice-President Mike Pence called the New Goverment of Malden a ''Evil bunch of poopoo heads''. Now the President of Malden and his officials are still stuck on the Island, and US Forces are planning a rescue mission, meanwhile the New Goverment of Malden is conducting massive genocides against its own people.

    2. MISSION

    55th Rescue Squadron will be inserted into ''The Eye of Malden'' Military Base, where they will pickup their gear and move via a helicopter into a REDACTED, from there, the Squadron will move to the REDACTED, where they will conduct surveilance, and the defense of the President. They will stay at the location until a safe route to escort the President is created. The remains of US REDACTED are still within the area of REDACTED, providing Forward Security of the location.

            1. 55th Rescue Squadron - (Callsign Pawn)
            2. SAC Command Element - (Callsign Knight)
            1. MH-6 Littlebird
            2. UH-80 Ghosthawk (Experimental)
            3. MQ-1 Predator
        (d) TIME SCHEDULE
            1. STEP BRIEF - 1845
            2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900
            (a) 1x MH-6 Littlebird - TRANSPORT
            (b) 1x UH-80 Ghosthawk - TRANSPORT
            (c) 2x MQ-1 Predator - CAS

    5. INTEL

    Royal Forces of Malden (RFM) is the Main Fighting force against the New Goverment, formed mostly from untrained civilians. Most of the equipment was seized by the New Goverment, meaning that the RFM has only a few newer types of BTRs and Tanks. With no airforce whatsover, US fighters are patrolling the area.

    Royal Forces of Malden are reporting Russian Special Forces in the area in the attempt to secure the stability in the region. They identified the Russian Troops as 3rd Guards Spetsnaz Brigade, with multiple T-72s and a few T-80s, and attack helicopters. A few Russian MIGs are also patrolling the area, but as of right now these Russian Forces are not considered a threat, since they are only there to keep public order, but that might change as time goes on.

    The main threat is the  ''7th United Front Regiment'', armed with multiple BTRs, and a few tanks.  They attack everything and anything with a weapon. This Regiment is responsible for 80% of the genocides that are happening on the Island.

    Worth noting are also the local groups of militias that are on the Island, they fight for control against each other, this is the type of threat that the 3rd Guards Spetsnaz Brigade targets and eliminates.




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      Updated Intel.

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    Same mission will be repeated next week, due to low amount of soldiers present.

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