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  • WARNORD Fun Op 01 MAY 20

    This Friday, we’re going to have a Fun Op double feature. First up is part 2 of last week’s PMC mission, Operation Cowboy, in Zargabad. Then we’ll switch to a SOCOM mission, Operation Coconut, on Tanoa (Apex DLC needed).


    WARNORD 01 MAY 20 - Operation Cowboy, Pt 2




    The men of Armex are enjoying the fruits of their labors. IDAP is very pleased with your work and has transferred its first payment. HQ now has a full Arsenal and a number of new vehicles at your disposal. Life is about as good as it gets in this craggy landfill of a nation. But now’s not the time to go soft.


    2. MISSION


    Armex is assigned a convoy protection mission in and around Zargabad. A-Team will convoy to IDAP HQ in Zargabad to rendevouz with the IDAP aid coordinator. Once the IDAP contingent is ready to depart, you will escort aid workers to four locations to distribute humanitarian aid to local elders.


    A-Team killed/wounded approximately 40 enemy combatants during its initial operations in Zargabad. That being said, IS warlord Abu Ali Achmed is furious and more eager than ever to launch his offensive in Takistan. But Armex isn’t here to fight a war, only to protect IDAP. Stay aware and return the convoy safely to IDAP HQ.






                1. Armex A-Team (Callsign "Cowboys")


           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT


                1. Whatever gets the job done, including all the new gear




                1. 2x HMMWV (M2)

                2. 2x Party Bus (M2)

                3. 2x M113 (M2)

               4. 2x Offroad Pickup (M2)

                5. 1x MH-6 Hummingbird


        (d) TIME SCHEDULE


                1. STEP BRIEF - 1645

                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1700




            (a) 2x HMMWV (M2) - Convoy Security

            (b) 2x Party Bus (M2) - Convoy Security

            (c) 2x M113 (M2) - Convoy Security

            (d) 2x Offroad Pickup (M2) - Convoy Security

            (e) 1x MH-6 Hummingbird - Emergency Insert/Extract

    5. INTEL


        (a) Map of Zargabad with markers




    WARNORD 01 MAY 20 - Operation Coconut




    A decade before the rise of the Syndikat criminal enterprise on Tanoa, an armed insurgency devastated the island’s jungle interior. The Tanoan Liberation Army, a Maoist revolutionary group, has seized control of several towns, as well as two powerful radio stations. For weeks, the TLA has broadcast communist propaganda and hour-long loops of ‘Socialism Is Good’ on multiple frequencies. The nation’s democratic government is now pleading for assistance from the international community.


    CIA, Interpol, and NSA have been monitoring a steady stream of SIGNIT coming from the radio stations near Mount Tanoa. SOCOM has reason to believe that TLA commander Peni Rainima is based at OBJ Alu on the rim of the volcano. In addition to leading the insurgency, he is also an international fugitive wanted in numerous countries.


    2. MISSION


    Joint Special Operations Command has authorized a Top Secret mission to kill/capture Rainima and secure the radio stations at OBJ Alu and OBJ Baloka. Your Team will depart Tanao Airport by helo and insert into the jungle southeast of Mount Tanoa. Proceeds to the OBJs and eliminate all enemy personnel and equipment. Secure the radio broadcast facilities.


    Interpol has issued a €250,000 bounty on Rainima for arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and international crimes against animals. While you and your buddies are already handsomely paid, this “bonus” would make for a fabulous weekend in Georgetown. Take Rainima alive if possible, and radio HQ for immediate exfil.






                1. SFOD-D A-Team


           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT


                1. Standard SOCOM Weapons and Equipment




                1. 1x CH-47

                2. 2x MH-60


        (d) TIME SCHEDULE


                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845

                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900




            (a) 1x CH-47 Chinook - Insert (A-Team)

            (b) 2x MH-60 Blackhawk - Exfil (A-Team & HVT)


    5. INTEL


        (a) Map of Tanoa with markers





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