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  • WARNORD Fun Op 29 MAY 20

    "The Battle of Chernogorsk"

    WARNORD 29 MAY 20




    A group of elite 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers has been stationed in Chernarus with the US Army 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade. As part of Advisor Team “Bulldog” from A-CO, 1st PLT “Widowmakers”, 1-2 IN, 3rdID, you have been instructing Chernarussian Defense Force leaders on the most current US Army infantry doctrine and tactics.


    Yesterday, over a decade after the October Ceasefire, Russian military forces began a combined arms exercise along the Chernarussian frontier. Pro-CDF newspaper Chernogorsk Noviny reports that over the past 24 hours, citizens have heard and seen Russian aircraft, vehicles, and personnel staging just across the border. 


    At 0000 this morning, a CDF outpost near Pobeda dam was briefly engaged by Russian Spetsnaz forces. A group of friendly armed civilians responded and helped drive back the attacking element, recovering one EKIA. Chernarussians continue to dig in across South Zagoria.


    2. MISSION


    Team Bulldog, attached to the CDF 3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, is ordered to assist in the fortification of Chernogorsk. Link up with CDF liaison LT Petr Rimkevic and help complete defenses in his sector of the Factory District. Once complete, remain on high alert and wait for further orders from Battalion.






                1. Advisor Team “Bulldog”, 1st PLT, A CO, 1-2 IN, 3rd Infantry Division


           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT


                1. Standard US Army Equipment




                1. 2x MRAP (M2)

                2. 1x MRAP (Mk 19)


        (d) TIME SCHEDULE


                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845

                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900




            (a) 2x MRAP (M2) - Transport/Security

            (b) 1x MRAP (Mk 19) - Transport/Security       


    5. INTEL 

        (a) Photo from within the AO



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