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  • WARNORD Fun Op 05 JUN 20

    “Operation Herald”


    WARNORD 05 JUN 20




    The Altian Civil War has been raging for almost five years. With NATO forces now supporting peace talks to end the conflict, the political winds have shifted on Altis. Loyalist forces have declared war against NATO and the US.


    In a stunning turn of events, last night a Loyalist mob stormed the US embassy in Pyrgo, kidnapping Ambassador Phillip Sims (HVT) and setting the complex on fire. Local journalists claim that Sims was handed over to FIA militia and was driven north, out of the city.


    The State Department reports that NSA SIGINT identified a sudden spike in FIA radio comms at a radio relay station atop Mount Pyrsos. Drone footage shows a number of FIA personnel, vehicles, and equipment at the site. Evidence suggests this is the holding site for Ambassador Sims.


    2. MISSION


    Team Hartmann is ordered to land on Altis and proceed to OBJ Achilles at the radio station on Mount Pyrsos. Search and secure the HVT for immediate helo extract.






                1. MSOT “Hartmann”, 2nd PLT, Alpha CO, 1st MRB, MRR (MARSOC)


           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT


                1. Standard MARSOC Equipment




                1. 2x NATO Speedboats (HMG)


        (d) TIME SCHEDULE


                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845

                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900




            (a) 2x NATO Speedboats (HMG) - Amphibious Landing


    5. INTEL 

        (a) Map of AO



    • Edited by CPL C.Brock

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    I was unable to Zeus the mission last night, but we will have it up again next Friday 12JUN20.

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