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  • WARNORD Fun Op 21 AUG 20

    WARNORD 21 AUG 20 - Mission: Griffin




    After nearly five years of civil war, the rebel Freedom and Independence Army (FIA) hangs on the brink of collapse. Rebuilt from the ashes of the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) following Colonel Akhanteros’ death, it has suffered defeat after defeat against Altian Loyalists and their NATO Coalition allies.


    With Kavala and Pyrgos recaptured, Loyalists have begun mopping up Altis. However, significant FIA forces remain on Stratis. With military assistance from CSAT, rebels have fortified Stratis Air Base and are preparing to make a last stand. NATO units have joined their Loyalist counterparts for the final assault against the base. Team Hoplite has been transferred to Air Station Mike 26.


    2. MISSION

    Task Force Helios is ordered to join the NATO Coalition assault on Stratis Air Base. Team Hoplite’s primary objective is the airfield control tower at OBJ Andrakla. You must disable CSAT ground control operations to prevent enemy reinforcements from landing. Your secondary objective is the airbase HQ at OBJ Bourdeto. Kill/capture FIA MAJ Kottas and destroy FIA/CSAT Command, Control, and Communications capabilities on site. Your tertiary objective is to neutralize all additional FIA/CSAT targets in the AO. Secure the base for NATO Command insertion.






                1. Team Hoplite, TF Helios, NATO Partnership Training and Education Centres




                1. Standard US Army Equipment




        1. M1A2SEPv1 Abrams x1

                2. M2A3 Bradley x2

                3. M1230 MRAP (M2) x1

                4. M1230 MRAP (Mk19) x1

                5. M977A4-B (M2) x1


        (d) TIME SCHEDULE


                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845

                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900




         (a) M1A2SEPv1 Abrams x1 - Assault

         (b) M2A3 Bradley x2 - Assault/Transport

         (c) M1230 MRAP (M2) x1 - Transport

      (d) 1M1230 MRAP (Mk19) x1 - Transport

        (e) M977A4-B (M2) x1 - Repair


    5. INTEL 

        (a) Map of AO




        (b) Photo of Stratis Air Base (recon)



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