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  • WARNORD Fun Op 11 SEP 20

    WARNORD Fun Op 11SEP20 - Mission: Blackout


    Last month, a resurgent Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) declared a revolution and stormed the urban centers of South Zagoria. Establishing a breakaway socialist republic, the rebels have fortified cities and towns along the coast, repelling several major Chernarussian Defense Forces counterattacks. With battle lines now stabilized, the civil war has quickly stalemated.

    Prior to his kidnapping and execution at the hands of ChDKZ insurgents, Chernarussian Prime Minister Alexander Baranov had officially requested NATO security assistance to bring an end to the civil war. After this latest development, the Chernarussian Government in Exile has repeated this request.

    In response, the US 27th MEU has deployed to the Green Sea and is gearing up for an invasion of South Zagoria. Additional US SOCOM units are ready to drop in country to prepare the battlespace for the assault.

    2. MISSION

    First Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment is ordered to disable the power station at Elektrozavodsk (OBJ Krizik) to disrupt ChDKZ command and control prior to and during the invasion. First Platoon, Alpha Company will parachute into South Zagoria at LZ Ripley and proceed southeast to target. Destroy the transformers but leave all other structures intact so NATO and Chernarussian forces can restore the station quickly.

    Once OBJ Krizik is destroyed, proceed to OP Thunderclap to provide overwatch for the 27th MEU invasion force. Prevent enemy reinforcement of Elektrozavodsk from the north. Link up with and assist the Marines clearing the city. Rangers lead the way!



              1. 1/A-CO, 1 BN, 75th Ranger Regiment


              1. Standard US SOCOM Equipment


              1. Standard NATO Equipment

         (d) TIME SCHEDULE

              1. STEP BRIEF 1845
              2. OSCAR MIKE 1900


         (a) Utilize Special Equipment as needed.

    5. INTEL

         (a) Map of the AO



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