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  • WARNORD Fun Op 06 NOV 20

    WARNORD 06 NOV 20

    The security situation in and around Zargabad has improved substantially since we destroyed the ISIS cell at Azizayt. IDAP, in cooperation with local authorities, has successfully launched regional humanitarian aid operations. UN observers note that daily caloric intake among the people of Zargabad has increased twofold, along with a 83% decrease in reports of water borne illnesses. Pleased with these achievements, the Takistani Education Ministry has signed a contract with IDAP to build a school in west Zargabad.
    However, insurgents continue to operate in the mountains throughout Takistan, regrouping and readying themselves for the next operation. Takistani Army Intelligence reports that it appears regional ISIS units are preparing for a last major attack before winter sets in. The bounty that ISIS Warlord Abu Ali Achmed put on our heads stands, along with that of Zargabad Mayor Abdullah Hazzam. Last week a suicide bomber attacked the mayor’s convoy in south Zargabad, wounding one of his bodyguards.
    2. MISSION
    This morning, we’re securing an IDAP construction crew. Our orders are to move out from Camp Bangtail and convoy south to the IDAP HQ. Link up with the IDAP transport driver there and move south to Camp Faisal (Takistani National Army). Secure IDAP personnel as they transport construction contractors and deliver them back to Zargabad. Secure the new school worksite as contractors continue building.
                1. Armex A-Team (Callsign "Cowboys")
           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT
                1. Whatever gets the job done
                1. 2x HMMWV (M2)
                2. 2x Party Bus (M2)
                3. 2x M113 (M2)
                4. 2x Offroad Pickup (M2)
                5. 1x MH-6 Hummingbird
        (d) TIME SCHEDULE
                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845
                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900
        (a) 2x HMMWV (M2) - Convoy Security
        (b) 2x Party Bus (M2) - Convoy Security
        (c) 2x M113 (M2) - Convoy Security
        (d) 2x Offroad Pickup (M2) - Convoy Security
        (e) 1x MH-6 Hummingbird - Emergency Insert/Extract

    5. INTEL
        (a) Map of the AO


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