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  • WARNORD Fun Op 15 JAN 21

    WARNORD 15 JAN 21 - Mission: Flint Strike

    Joint Base Loy Manara is under attack. Enemy insurgents have launched a rocket attack on the airfield, and a company-size motorized infantry element is now assaulting the base. Casualties are reported to be high among US, NATO, and Afghan National forces. Command reports the HQ is at risk of being overrun.
    The Afghan Air Force is now sending 2x Mi-24s from Rasman Airbase to provide CAS.
    2. MISSION
    First Platoon “Knights” are ordered to respond immediately to the enemy assault on Joint Base Loy Manara. Mount up and convoy south ASAP to reinforce friendly positions defending the base. Maneuver, close with, and destroy the enemy.
                1. 1st PLT “Knights”, A CO, 69th Infantry Division
           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT
                1. Standard US Army Equipment
                1. 1x HMMWV (M2)
                2. 1x HMMWV (Mk 19)
                3. 1x HMMWV (Unarmed)
                4. 1x Stryker (M2)
                5. 1x Stryker (Mk19)
        (d) TIME SCHEDULE
                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845
                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900
            (a) 1x HMMWV (M2) - Transport/Security
            (b) 1x HMMWV (Mk 19) - Transport/Security
            (c) 1x HMMWV (PLT HQ) - Transport
            (d) 1x Stryker (M2) - Transport/Security
            (e) 1x Stryker (Mk19) - Transport/Security
    5. INTEL

            (a) Map of AO


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    This is Mission #5 in the COP Connor campaign, in the early days of the War in Afghanistan. This mission is dated 31 JAN 02.

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