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  • WARNORD Fun Op 19 MAR 21

    WARNORD 19 MAR 21

    With a record of success and dependability, Armex Security Solutions has secured yet another security contract with the Iraqi government. The Ministry of Water Resources has hired your team to safeguard the Ab-e Shur Dam while Iraqi engineers survey and repair its infrastructure.
    ISIS, local militia, and armed criminal gangs are known to operate in the AO. Marksmen should be prepared to engage targets up to 1km. AT and crew-served weapons should be prepared to engage light vehicles and a limited number of armored vehicles.
    2. MISSION
    Move to Ab-e Shur Dam (OBJ Chai) and secure its facilities. Hold the site while the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources conducts repairs on the dam. Prevent loss of life of Iraqi engineers and Armex personnel, loss of equipment, and damage to the dam or its facilities.  Interdict trespassers and destroy hostile forces.
                1. Armex A-Team (Callsign "Cowboys")
           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT
                1. Whatever gets the job done
                1. 2x Offroad (M2)
                2. 1x HMMWV (M2)
        (d) TIME SCHEDULE
                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845
                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900
            (a) 2x Offroad (M2) - Security/Interdiction
            (b) 1x HMMWV (M2) - Security/Interdiction

    5. INTEL
        (a) Map of the AO

        (b) NATO Intel Report - Zargabad
    Zargabad, the bustling capital of Takistan district, is a veritable den of thieves, home to a number of deadly threats. Both the Iraqi National Army and National Police Force are corrupt and virtually incompetent. The local powers that be cannot be trusted or relied upon. ISIS, al Qaeda, and Iranian-backed Shi’ite militia operate in and around the city. Militants and criminal gangs earn income through extortion, kidnapping, drug-dealing, and arms-trafficking.
    Of all OPFOR, ISIS is the most prominent threat to NATO and other BLUFOR. The ISIS Regional commander, Takistani warlord Abu Ali Achmed, operates his HQ somewhere in the AO. He has established sleeper cells within Zargabad and is rumored to have cached weapons and explosives in the surrounding countryside. Captured operatives have revealed plans for a new ISIS offensive against the Iraqi Army and Police this spring. Any BLUFOR or IDAP units operating in the AO must take maximum security precautions. The unarmed and untrained who fail to heed this warning can expect to end up beheaded on camera.

        c) Photo - Hydroelectric Dam Operations Center



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