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  • WARNORD Fun Op 30 APR 21

    I had to postpone this due last Friday to some RHS issues. I tested it on the private servers, and it's now good to go!

    WARNORD 23 APR 21

    Following a string of successful contracts in the Middle East, Armex Security Solutions has expanded into the European Market. Securing a security contract with EPH, a global energy conglomerate, Armex personnel have set up shop in Elektrozavodsk, Bystrica.
    The situation in Bystrica is dire. A month after the provincial government collapsed in the wake of Premier Dante Ivanova’s resignation, public services are effectively nonexistent. And now two weeks into a police and fire strike, the region lies in anarchy. Armed gangs control movement in and through a number of towns and cities, looters have severely damaged or destroyed countless businesses. Separatists led by Radan Miyovič have also exploited the power vacuum, seizing police armories and establishing FOBs in the areas north of Elektrozavodsk.
    Note: this map more closely resembles the original terrain data from the Czech Republic. The city plan and surrounding terrain don’t like quite the same as what we’re used to in Chernarus.
    2. MISSION
    Protect the EPH Industrial Park from attacks, raids, and theft by insurgents and criminals. Ensure freedom of movement of EPH employees and vehicles. Engage hostile contacts when appropriate, but with minimal impact on civilians and EPH employees.
                1. Armex A-Team (Callsign "Partizans")
                1. Whatever gets the job done
                1. 2x Offroad
                2. 2x Offroad (M2)
                3. 1x M113 (M2)
        (d) TIME SCHEDULE
                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845
                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900
            (a) 2x Offroad - Transport/Patrols
            (b) 2x Offroad (M2) - Security/Interdiction
            (c) 1x M113 (M2) Security/Interdiction

    5. INTEL
        (a) Map of the AO


    (b) Photo of the EPH facility


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    As PMCs, we're hired to secure our customer's assets with everything we've got. As such, we should expect most engagements to be at close quarters. However, there are a growing number of threats in the AO, and we must be prepared for all of them.

    Thanks to a contact in the USPS, our intelligence director has obtained some recent photos from local social media accounts. Here is a small sample of the kind of people you may encounter on the job.


    1) First Responders


    2) Armed gang members


    3) Mafia


    4) Punks and hooligans

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