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    Development Update - 08MAY2021




    After monitoring our servers like a hawk over the past month we noticed that we consistently had ~30% unused memory as well as ~25% unused CPU. So what would be a better way to occupy this space to completely max out each server box? You guessed it, another headless client.


    Adding another headless client comes with a few pros and little cons:

    • More responsive AI,
    • Potentially remove the bug with AI losing gear when swapping to a HC,
    • Fully saturating what we pay for,
    • Faster transfer to an available HC (8 seconds -> 5 seconds per cycle).

    Potential issues:

    • More variables adds more failure points,
    • Full saturation means the main server process might be bottle-necked in intensive missions with lots of AI (we can only test this when we have a lot of people on the server).


    Financially, this has been the first month without NFOServers. Looking at our budgeting, we set aside 100/month for our servers. Currently it looks like we absolutely smashed that budget and we're looking at ~50-75/month. Note that this still includes our free TeamSpeak for 1 year, which saves us roughly $10/month and we still did squad drills and other training events such as OSUT on the old server for half of April. This has taken a huge strain off our financials and allows 3rdID to spend money on other categories such as gifts, even better servers, scalability,... .


    To break April down into human terms:

    • Data Transfer: Transmitting your voice over TeamSpeak to others, sending Arma data,... : $6.15
    • Storage: 4x installation of Arma3, 4x our entire modpack, all TeamSpeak resources,... : $17.53
    • Processing power: The actual hardware (CPU & RAM): $15.21
    • IP Addresses: This allows us to do xxx.3rdinf.us: $10.60

    Potential savings can be achieved through:

    • Detachable mod drive, so we only store 1 copy of all of our mods,
    • Different method of requesting processing power.


    A few forms have been added to the website to help S-Shops in their work.

    For mod suggestions, C-Staff will employ a new workflow. Non-mod related suggestions will continue to be submitted in the suggestion box. For mod suggestions, a soldier will submit a request. 94A will do the initial review and potentially already decline for technical reasons. If approved by 94A, it will be brought up to vote during the C-Staff meeting, and the request will be closed once COE has performed the modpack update. This new workflow was made for 2 reasons. 1. Proper follow-up and processing by COE so nothing is forgotten. 2. Mod suggestions are no longer out in the open which may prevent frustrations and arguments.


    Something we've had on our agenda for a very long time is verified signatures. Thus far, we've always let leadership police mods, but it's been a consistent issue where soldiers are presented with errors because some butthole thinks it's funny to run around with a non-client side mod. COE created a temporary suggestion topic where members can list down their preferred client-side mods. 94A will review these to ensure they are purely client-side, and then C-Staff will hold a very quick vote on each of them. We're planning to roll out verified signatures in our modpack update on  the 7th of June.


    1SG J.Drake,

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    Hooah COE, thank you all for what you all do to keep our unit fully functional and operational!! 

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