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  • WARNORD Fun Op 17 SEP 21 - Operation Stink Eye

    Theme: Congratulations, you guys are US Tier 1 SF bad mofo

    Time: Nightime

    Gear: Low light compatible gear; Laser designators

    OPFOR: Some dudes using modern Russian gear



    3x USAF Fixed wings air assets (only for engaging OBJ FALLING SKY - No CAS avaliabe)


    2x unarmed MH-6M Little Birds

    2x M1165A1 GMV (mounted with 1x M2 + 2x M240)

    1x MRZR 4


    "All right, gentlemen, we got green lights on Operation Stink Eye! We are launching the OP from FOB HOT IN HERE.




    We have 1 primary objective: OBJ FALLING SKY... Some redacted forces seized an airfield and installed some infrastructure in there. The top priority target is the radar facilities they got in there, considering you guys have 3 fast movers ready to engage the designated targets but try to do the most damage possible, OK?




    On secondary objectives, we got two separate extractions:

    OBJ BOOGEYMAN: A HVT codename SOKOLOV is to be extracted from the facility he's located. Eliminate all targets securing the target and exil SOKOLOV ALIVE




    OBJ DOOR KICKERS: We got intel that 2x USAF Pilots are being held on a prison compound on the AO. Get in there, eliminate all threats and take our boys back home alive.




    OBJ BOOGEYMAN takes priority over OBJ DOOR KICKERS.


    You ask me: "Boss, do we have any thermal images from the targets" and I say, "Yes, we have, but they are useless!"





    Whenever you guys feel like it after completing OBJ FALLING SKY, RTB to FOB HOT IN HERE by any means available.


    Now go get ready to kick some ass."

    • Edited by SPC C.Moalli


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