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  • WARNORD Fun Op 08 OCT 21 - Operation Goyaalé

    Op time: 1900 EST


    Theme: Congratulations, you guys are US Tier 1 SF bad mofos once more
    Time: Nightime
    Gear: Low light compatible gear; suppressors; body bags; cable ties; breaching solutions; free inventory space (for intel gathering)
    OPFOR: Middle eastern militia

    1x RQ-4A Global Hawk
    2x UH-80 Ghost Hawk
    2x M1165A1 GMV (1x M2 / 1x Mk19)
    2x MRZR 4

    Objective: Kil-or-capture "Neptune"

    The team will depart from FOB Hush Hush, located at Zargabad's airfield, onboard the UH-80 Ghost Hawk, and move SE to LZ Olympus.



    Map of the AO


    Once on the ground, the assault team is to breach OBJ Chronos,  the compound NW of LZ Olympus. The chopper will move south of the LZ and wait on air at the designated area for the exfil request.


    Aerial view of OBJ CHRONOS' compound


    The assault team is to kill-or-capture "Neptune" and bring it back to base. Any civilian on the compound is to be restrained and left in the area. Local authorities will deal with them as they arrive on the scene after the team is out.




    After the target is neutralized, the ground team must gather all intelligence found at OBJ Chronos (laptops, flash drives, computers, documents, etc.), call for exfil, and RTB at Fob Hush Hush.


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